Monday, December 31, 2007

Art Bell Predictions Show, Part One December 31, 2007

Art Bell has once again kicked off his annual prediction show, with ... uhm ... somewhat "predictable" results. The overwhelming bulk of caller predictions were negative at best, downright horrific at worst.

Art doesn't publish caller predictions to my knowledge, though he keeps track of them from year to year. I tried to keep up with last year's predictions but he went through them too quickly. I estimate that only 10% of the predictions from last year panned out, though the ones that did were pretty stunning, like the owner of a baseball team handing over ownership to his sons.

Why so few accurate predictions? Luck of the draw? Very few of the people calling have any psychic experience. Some don't understand the difference between a vision and a wish. Some of the callers seem to be making predictions that they want to see happen, rather than from any real sense of psychic vision. A couple callers seemed to be using the annual event as a sneaky way to promote their businesses or political agendas, all of which is a staple of this event of course.

Why so many negative ones? Yes, negativity "sells", and I sometimes think the Coast audience is drawn to the more scary content.

I did make a list of this year's predictions, but I don't feel comfortable using them all. So I decided to pick a few of my favorites, and if I am able to next year, I'll publish those that come true.

Tornados in the Midwest – big breakout to get weather channel hopping.

Asteroid WD-5 headed for Mars will hit an reveal a pre-civilization as per Richard Hoagland.

May of 08, oil prices will drop back down to $50 a barrel.

Dow will fall below 11,000.

C2C guest Bugs will lead investigators to Big Foot. Art Bell will be in on the arrangements.

Campion and Ramos will be released when the president leaves office.

Gitmo will be handed over to Cuba.

A major train crash will happen in the US.

Air Force One disappears or crashes.

Mount Etna will explode and have an earthquake revealing an old city.

The US and Canada will put forth a currency for the Americas.

I have posted some of my own predictions on the blog if you are interested. Like many callers, I see expanding war in the Middle East, and I do fear upheaval in Western economies this year.

By the way, if any of you want to register your predictions here, make them on the comments for this blog entry (please don't email them to me though). My rules will be a little like Art's rules. Predictions will have to be short, one prediction only. A line or two at most. No predictions of domestic political assassinations, no predictions containing inflammatory accusations against public figures (I don't want a visit from the Men in Black or Hollywood lawyers any more than Art Bell does). If predictions look too much like wishes, self-promotion, political promotion, bullying or skeptical sarcasm in disguise, they will be trashed. I’m looking only for sincere psychic predictions for the New Year.

I reserve the right to decide to approve or not approve any prediction without giving a reason. All comments to this blog are moderated.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Tell me if I will be able to survive on $1,000

71 just divorced, serious cardiac problems, only have $1,000 per month to live on. Tell me if I will be able to survive on $1,000


Dear BG,

I'm sorry to hear of your hardships. I know this isn't an easy time for you. I've survived on $1,000 and much less in fact, many years of my life. And I have faced many serious health problems.

But I don't think that's what you wanted to hear, was it? You see, as an intuitive I can only tell you one of three things ... either the situation will change, for better, or for worse, or it will not change at all. My experience, when people frame the question as you have, is that they are looking for one of two things: Tell me it will get better, so I have hope, or tell me it won't (or will stay the same), in which case I can give up and stop trying anymore.

Neither of those answers produces any change in the clients I have seen - which is one reason I stopped doing readings full time. It never accomplished anything. Most often, nothing changed at all, which was what I saw most of the time, in fact.

So the way I look at it now, the real question is for you and not for me.

Do you want to change the situation? If you do, then no one but you can change it. I know it may seem hard, even impossible to you right now, but you can do that. I've done it. I was in a place not all that different from yours. I finally figured out that my unhappiness was mostly a result of my own attitude towards my life, it had little to do with my circumstances. I can say that with integrity, it was not long ago I was living on virtually no income, with huge debts, and was within a week of having no money left at all. Granted, I'm younger than you, but I still have health challenges, and no partner to support me. The difference is that now I can see how blessed I have been. If I can turn things around, I believe anyone can.

I highly recommend you watch the movie "The Secret", and look up "Law of Attraction" on Google. Absorb everything you can on personal growth, Study Silva - there are free classes and tutorials online. Count the blessings you have every day. Start by recognizing what you have, and you will attract more of what you want. It really works! If you turn your thoughts around, you can turn your life around (yes, even at your age!). I don't know what you will do, but I do know it is your choice, and I am rooting for you to decide that your life is worth living, you have gifts for the world, and you can be an inspiration to everyone who knows you.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Help me!

Hi, I wrote you the other day I need help. I have been dealing with all kinds of things. I feel pulling and tugging when I go out in the stores or places to eat. I feel cold wind and I seem things some time on people I feel hands on me. Sometimes I see darkness or light around people I see colors I feel things all the time. I feel other peoples stuff all the time. I’m in battles all the time. I feel sick but docs never find anything.

I had 2 near death experiences and I have been to heaven and seen darkness I also know I was to sing and heal. Also I don’t now what happened but my life has gone upside down, no jobs cant get one anywhere, no money, I don’t know what is going on. I feel angels and see angels but I also see bad things. I feel as if I’m going crazy and I can’t live with anyone or there spirits. I feel as if I’m a magnet.

Help me.


Dear T,

The truth is that we are all magnets. Our thinking determines what we pull to us. If you believe you are a magnet for bad experiences, then that is what you'll tend to see and that's what you will create more of. This process is called the "Law of Attraction". Many, many books have been written about the LOA, including "The Secret" which is a huge hit as a movie right now as well. You may be able to find a copy online somewhere. I also recommend "What the Bleep Do We Know".

Think about the positive things you are seeing. You see angels ... that's an awesome thing! There are people who have prayed all their lives for just one experience like that. You have had a near death experience and have seen Heaven. You have healing abilities, musical talent! Celebrate your gifts, and accept that with great power comes responsibility, and sometimes challenges. As you change your feelings about these experiences, they will seem less stressful and dramatic to you. Eventually, you will find that they truly are gifts and not the curse you imagine them to be right now.

If you want to bring things down to a manageable level quickly, you have to learn how to ground your energy. See this excerpt from my book, Living With Your Psychic Gifts:

If you want to get in touch with your emotions quickly, I highly recommend a class called The QuinnTessential Experience. It's only available in Toronto at the moment, but there is a similar class in Rochester NY called LifeStream and in Florida called LifeWorks. This class literally saved my life, at a time when I felt very much as you say you feel now. It's not about being psychic - it's about dealing with the emotional baggage we all carry as human beings. I found that once I got in control of that, my psychic experiences just fell into place in a positive and healing way.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chiron Aspects Making Me Crazy!

I saw an article you wrote on Chiron in the Natal Chart. With Uranus conjunct my natal Sun/Chiron/Mercury/Mars stellium in Pisces in the 11th House, triggering a Natal Opposition between those planets and a Pluto/Uranus conjunction in the 5th House, I feel like I'm going crazy. (I also have Saturn currently Conjunct that Pluto/Uranus 5th house configuration adding to the pressure of the Uranus transit.)

Can you recommend some books I could read to gain insight into these transits? Your words are helpful but I need to know more.


Dear RO,

The best book on the subject of Chiron that I have read so far remains Barbara Hand Clow's Chiron. It's extremely detailed, and virtually everything else I have read really seems to take it's cues from that work (including what I have written, apart from my own observations). But with aspects like yours, maybe once you get to the other side of these transits, it will be you that is writing a book on Chiron - or perhaps on some other spiritual healing process or idea.

I think you need a creative outlet for all the energy you are processing right now, something physical that feels healing to you. You might consider trying something like Yoga or Pilates, or learning some kind of physical healing modality like therapeutic massage. Let Uranus do his work, don't fight the changes so much. You'll find that you are a new person once the pressure eases up. Not all your friends and associates may appreciate the changes though. I know your collection of people are important to you, but the worst thing you can do right now is cling to any of them. Think of this as a winnowing process. You are really separating the wheat from the chaff.


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Little Star Lights


I keep seeing little star lights out the corner of my eyes and then they are gone. What are they I also see like white mist sometimes.

Love Janet

Dear Janet,

Well, first things first, the practical stuff ... have you had this checked out with your doctor or eye doctor? What you describe here are common symptoms of migraine and eye problems, and you need to have these ruled out first. If you see your doctor, there is no problem with your eyesight, and you are not having severe headaches, then most likely these lights are the attempt of your guides or angels to catch your attention. Sometimes these little "twinkle-stars" are a spirit's way of saying "I'm here, and you are not paying attention!" I sometimes get white sparkles, and sometimes blue. I think the blue ones are angels, the white ones are more likely human spirits. If there are no emotional sensations one way or other, I would not be concerned about them.

Whenever I get these kinds of things, I stop what I am doing (if practical), and meditate for a while. Sometimes I do get important insights during these times, and sometimes I don't, but I always thank whoever is saying "Hello" for dropping in.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Minou the Ghostbusting Cat

Minou the Ghostbusting catMy beloved Minou is in spirit now, but during the 20 years of her life, she showed me many times how a cat can be an invaluable companion for a hypersensitive medium. She had a great and gentle spirit.

There were only two times in that whole 20 years when Minou got angry to the point where she frightened me. One time, she spotted a workman installing an awning on our apartment window, and decided that his intrusion demanded a strong response. Lucky for the poor fellow, there was a strong window in her way. She gave him a fright though, and all of us were lucky he had a good strong grip on the awning!

Many years later, we moved into another “store-front” apartment, this time, on the ground floor of an old office, which I discovered quickly was thoroughly haunted. Our spooky roommate was a cranky old man in grubby overalls, whose unpleasant attitude and grimy appearance was a perfect match to the basement we almost never entered. I was aware he did not want me going in what he saw as “his” space, but after many attempts at trying to get him to move on, I decided to give up on using the basement. Still, I stored a few nick-nacks in the basement, and went to get them one afternoon. As I reached the top of the stairs, I felt the spirit moving himself at me in anger.

I immediately threw up my protective shields, but between one step and the next, Minou launched herself at me. She attached herself to my leg, howling, hissing and screeching, and as I hopped around in pain and shock (nick-nacks flying around the room), I could not shake or pull her off. Finally, the spirit retreated, terrified and confused, into the comfort of his dark basement.

As soon as he was gone, Minou dropped off neatly and calmly off my leg, and flipped over into her “rub my tummy” pose. There was no sign that anything was ever wrong. I was bleeding quite profusely, though no stitches were needed. At first I was distressed that she had attacked me, but I quickly realized it was not me she had attacked. It was our nasty spirit roommate!

After I calmed down, I once again tried to persuade the spirit to go into the light, but he was adamant that he was going to stay. So I made him a deal. I would not go into the basement, if he would not come upstairs. His response? “Keep that damned cat up there with you!”

From that day to the end of her very long life, Minou never so much as hissed at me. I remain convinced that she drove this spirit away from me. I don’t know what he might have been able to do, if anything, but I am grateful for her love and protection. Years after she passed, she would often come back for visits. One time, she walked across my bed, and I could see the indentations where her little spirit-paws had passed.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I need your help

Dear Brandi,

I need your help. I'm 18, in Australia and for the last year, I've been experiencing momentary visions, along with a strange feeling of deja vu, even though I know I haven't seen these things before. Also, when these visions hit me, I feel dizzy, and nauseous, and certain places on my body feel very hot.

Am I crazy? Or sick? Or is it something else?

I'm sorry to bother you, but I don't know who to ask. I just need some clarification because its starting to scare me.

Thank you so much for your time,


Dear JR,

Dizziness, nausea, and hot flashes are all common side-effects of certain kinds of psychic experiences. I am not a psychiatrist, nor am I a doctor ... but I will say you don't sound crazy at all on the basis of what you have told me here, just a little stressed out, which is totally understandible. I do think you should have both these possibilities ruled out, if for no other reason than to ease your mind and turn the anxiety down. I might not mention the "Deja Vu" feelings to the family doctor, and if you are not depressed or having panic attacks, I wouldn't worry about your mental health at this point.

On the other hand, I do think the content of the visions has some bearing on your well being, honestly. If they are scary, hostile, or depressing, even if they are absolutely verified as involving a psychic experience, they do reflect your mental state. If you are feeling depressed or anxious, do talk to your doctor about these feelings! These can be symptoms of physical illnesses, and you need to be sure to rule these out or have them treated. The healthier you are overall, the stronger, more useful and more positive your visions will get.

The best advice on the psychic side that I have is to meditate every day, to regularly ground yourself, and to keep a regular journal of these kinds of experiences so that you can look back on them with more clarity in the future. Pay strong attention to those Deja Vu experiences - in my personal experience, they are often connected to past lives, and what you can learn from them is invaluable!

Journal-keeping is vital to your personal and psychic growth. You can go back over time and check the details. You'll find that you remember some things differently a week, month or year down the line. It is really helpful in so many ways. It will prove to you that you are seeing something "real", and where your blind-spots are. It keeps things grounded.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ghost Story ... The Haunted B&B

It wasn't stormy, but it was dark, cold and late, and we were tired from a long day of exploring Ontario just north of Toronto. Normally we would drive the extra hour or two back to Toronto, but when we finally saw a vacancy sign, we decided to spend a night at a charming bed and breakfast at the side of the road.

Fortunately there were lights on inside the quaint old house as we pulled into the parking lot. We paid for our stay and trudged up the carefully maintained stairs to our quiet room. My companion, who is blessed with absolutely no skill in detecting spirits, quickly drifted off to sleep. As soon as my head hit the pillow however, I was immediately treated to a Technicolor slideshow of images from the old house throughout it's colorful history. I sensed a strong spirit, who immediately noticed that I was aware of her. She was delighted that I could communicate with her, and immediately started nattering away in a charming accent how happy she was to find someone to chat with!

Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night as she regaled me with tales about the old house. She was delighted with the current owners, "That nice man and his lovely family!" but she had been unhappy for many long years before, when a series of thugs and bootleggers had used the place to run drugs and alcohol during prohibition times. I had a mental picture of her in a Victorian-era dress and hat (purple if I recall correctly), sipping tea in a sunny parlor that I was told I'd have breakfast in the next day. I tried a number of times to convince the old woman to go into the light, but she was adamant that she was happy where she was, and wanted to stay and help the current owner. I finally drifted off to sleep just before a knock on the door let me know it was time for breakfast.

Bleary-eyed, I dragged myself down the stairs. My traveling companion, usually entirely immune to psychic interference, actually asked if I'd been speaking to someone that night. "Not out loud," I replied. She lifted an eyebrow (which for this Taurus, used to hearing about my psychic adventures, spoke volumes). I explained what had happened as the proprietor brought in breakfast.

"Is this place haunted?" I asked him. He smiled.

"If it wasn't, I'd have to make up a story," he said amicably. "That's good for business."

I began to tell the story of the Victorian lady, and shared her history of the house, which he confirmed. I told her she stayed to protect the house, and that she was fond of him and his family because he was such a nice man, and they took such good care of the place. When I described her, he pointed over my shoulder to a picture behind me on the wall. "That's her," he said.

I looked back, and there was the old woman in her Victorian dress and hat who had kept me awake all night with tales of the bed and breakfast where I had gotten no sleep.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Joseph Jacobs on Coast

Joseph Jacobs is a kind, gentle spirit, in his own words, the "antidote" to the "Doctor Doom" psychics and remote viewers that Coast to Coast AM so often features. Jacobs started of saying that previously he had said this would be a difficult year, and rattled off a list of tragedies and disasters from 2007. September and October will still have some harshness. There are some harsh realities to go through but he sees things clearing up a bit in October-November. Expect serious weather conditions in the coming weeks. He sees diseases coming in from China. September could be a good month for ufology.

If you have had a bad year, use meditation and affirmations to stay in a positive mind frame. Look for how we get in our own way, how we are negative or stuck in life. Move on, don't cling to the past. Live in the now. All good advice, but for the most part, he didn't have any specific advice for how to accomplish this. One cool thing he suggested that I really liked, especially for empaths and sensitives, is to remember to be the audience instead of a participant when you see something negative going down. Don't let yourself get sucked into dramas and negativity.

Jacobs says that next year will be better, good for new beginnings, with lots of breakthroughs and inventions. It will be a great year for communications. A whole new beginning. We need to be realigning ourselves in the next few months. The downside is we will see dictators making lots of news.

On a humorous note, Jacobs recommended that medical students get into orthopedics, psychology and ear medicines because of the impact of technology on our lives in the future.

He said that he noticed that a law involving emminent domain was passed just after Dick Cheney went hunting with one of the Supreme Court justices and he is now worried that some of the lands in New Orleans could be taken over by the oil companies.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Notes on Finding Your Soul Mate - Guest Blog by Danielle Daost of Global Psychics

Is it something in our DNA that pushes us to search for a partner in life, a soul mate? Certainly, it is a simple physical drive, rooted in the need to procreate the species. But I believe that a good part of this need for a loving partner is a result of our conditioning... an expectation implanted in us in early childhood. By the time we're in our late teens, we're keeping one eye out for a soul mate.... and if s/he hasn't appeared by the time we're 30, many of us begin to panic... is there someone out there for me? Will I ever find the right one for me? Maybe not... so what then?

From my early teens, I had funny feeling that I was going to be one of those who wouldn't find a life partner... interesting though, while that inbred force to find a partner drove me to make some mistakes here and there, to settle for relationships that weren't quite right, by the time I was in my early 30's, I didn't care so much about finding "the one". By then, I had a son who needed a lot of my attention, a very demanding career that presented a lot of fun and interesting challenges along with opportunities to travel and meet new people, and I had developed many warm relationships with friends and colleagues... my life was full. I didn't feel like I really needed a partner anymore, in fact a partner might just get in the way.

At one point my next brother became a little concerned, "Danielle, over the years you've brought home some very interesting men. I've liked every one of them. But none of them were into settling down?" My response was simple - "doesn't that tell you something?" The Law of Attraction at work here... I didn't want to settle with anyone, so I attracted lovers who also wished to preserve their own independence in life.

Over the years, I have had the great good fortune of connecting with, loving and learning with many different soul mates - lovers, friends, family members... Now past 60, I am one of those rare folks who says I am "happily single". If I have a twin flame, a soul mate life partner, he is probably not present on the planet right now, or he's busy pursuing his own independent path... and that's OK by me. There has been real purpose in my remaining single for this lifetime, I don't feel like I've missed anything. Especially not soul mate connections.

With the shift in consciousness that the end of the Mayan calandar indicates, I believe we are moving to an androgynous cycle which demands a relationship with self... each of my soul mates have in one way or another enabled this relationship with self. When I saw this next paragraph in one of Phil's responses to a recent inquiry, it struck a chord, and I was prompted to ask for more... the times are changing and I think it is important that we explore these ideas.

Where Has My Soul-Mate Been Hiding?

By Phil Rechard, Astrologer

"the seeming necessity to be in a relationship is an intellectually lazy way to go about living, and is an essentially outmoded paradigm. Don't get me wrong, we can learn a lot about life through being in an intimate relationship with an other person, but nothing beats the relationship we can have with ourselves - nothing. It's a difficult work, but it's really the only thing we're ever born with and can completely rely upon - our selves. Getting to know our selves first is free of charge, and is really essential if we can begin to pretend to love an other human being." Peace, Phil the astrologer

Where has my soul-mate been hiding? I'm sure that most of us have asked this question at some point in our lives, and we've all probably spent some considerable time desperately hoping for the day when that "perfect someone" would magickally appear at our doorstep. Instead of finding Mr or Mrs Right, we'd find ourselves stuck with Mr or Mrs Right-Now, or pining for the one that got away. This has left us baffled, bewildered and confused, and in the end, disappointed and miserable.

I've been no exception to this condition, but after decades of searches and researching, I have become increasingly convinced that everyone I have ever met and known has been (or still is) a soul-mate of mine on some level. The concept of having only one "true" soul-mate should be given a long overdue funeral, burial, and eulogy.

See the complete article here
Get a Relationship Reading Here

Friday, August 10, 2007

Confused and Upset

I have seen spirits at a very young age, but no one in my family believed me and in fact my mother told me I was evil and going to go to hell for seeing them, so I think I tried so hard not to see them, that I no longer do. I do have dreams where I see them and they tell me things, also I hear them at times, and I sense them always. What I am bothered with is this, last week a teenager drown not far from me, the day before he drown I suddenly, and for no reason at all, thought to myself that there would be a body floating down the river, I go out back everyday and look at the river, I find peace there, it's in the back of the house, I have never had that thought before though, then the next day I heard about the boy, he would have floated right past my house at exactly the same time I had that thought the day before. This happens to me all the time, what good is having this knowledge if I don't know who this will happen to or when, or even how to prevent such things? If I happen to see a spirit now, I am so scared I must pass out or something cause I fall right to sleep. I also get severe migraines, I don't know how to control this "gift", can you help me?


Confused and Upset


Dear Confused,


First let me address your mother's reaction to your seeing spirits. That's not an uncommon belief amongst some Christians, but it is not supported by the Bible!
From 1 Corinthians 12:

There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men.

Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit the message of wisdom, to another the message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy, to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he gives them to each one, just as he determines.

Clearly, what you have experienced is okay with Saint Paul. I think he's a greater authority than your mom (or mine, who had the same reaction initially), or me for that matter. Simple logic says that a loving God would not give you this ability, which is hard to control for the best of us, then condemn you to eternal damnation for things you can't help! It's not your fault, or even hers, that your mother is afraid. For generations, people have been selectively reading the Bible to support their own prejudices. This is one area where they have absolutely no justification for it. Saint Paul is absolutely adamant - what is happening with you is an outgrowth of the Holy Spirit. It is a blessing, not a curse.

It can be a mixed blessing though. I have also asked why am I given this knowledge if I don't know who this will happen to or when, or even how to prevent such things, many times. I don't have a satisfactory answer, and I've been studying for over twenty years. I have come to terms with that however. That is just the way it is. I don't know what God's greater plan might be. I try to help when I can, but when it is not possible or practical for me to make use of it, I simply make a note of it in my journal, or here in the blog. Maybe each individual moment of insight is not the important thing. Maybe it is more generally how I let my intuition guide me. I don't get attached to finding meaning in each case so much anymore. I do what I can, and take pleasure in that. Otherwise I just accept that there are things I can't know. I don't beat on myself or feel guilty when I can't use it to help others. Sometimes they don't want this kind of help. Sometimes it is risky to speak out. Sometimes I am not sure of my own insights. I feel my responsibility is to develop this gift to the best of my ability and to share what I know where it is welcome. Aside from that, I don't know what it is for. I figure one day it will make more sense to us all.

I think you are scared of spirits because of what your mother said, and not because they are inherently scary things. They are simply people without bodies. People are mostly good. So are spirits. Yes, now and then you will stumble across a frightened, confused, or even very rarely, a negative spirit. But they can't really harm you, can they? Other than being frightened, have you been harmed in any way? And you have control over that. You can decide to accept what is happening to you. When you do, you will find that the experience gets more and more positive. It's funny how that works, but fear is your enemy, it is not your friend. Once you get that, your life will change for the better in ways you can't begin to comprehend. For example, I still occasionally have migraines, but they are far less frequent than when I was in "flight/fight" mode.

I do recommend you get the book or the eBook and study the meditations and visualizations in it. I do daily morning and evening meditations. You can find other meditations online. Your local Buddhist temple or new age shop may offer a meditation class - almost any kind of meditation will be helpful to you. Just sitting by the river may help calm your mind. I also keep a journal of my insights.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What do you do to balance?

I have a question for you regarding your sensitivites to the realm and people's emotions? I also suffer from that and depression I talk to the other side for people and I do angel readings. I am so unsure of my profession in the healthcare field I am exhausted from the eneregies. At home I have a special daughter and I am exhausted and then the emotional needs of others exhausts me. What do you do to balance yourself? I know I pray, walk and try not to delve into all my addictions I have had to hide this sensitivity.


Dear C

Well you did not give me your time or place of birth, but with what I can read of your chart, it's no wonder this is a challenge for you. You have a T-Square with the Moon, Jupiter and Neptune. The addiction issue is clear from Jupiter Square Neptune. You feel everything "big". It can be difficult for you to discipline yourself, and find an outlet for your talents, because emotionally you are swinging from one extreme to the other. Top it off with your sensitivity and the slightest thing seems to tip the pendulum from one extreme to the other.

I can relate, I have been through a lot of what you have. There is hope. I learned that I had a choice what energies I permit in my space. I have learned where the boundaries need to be for my emotional health. It was a simple matter to decide to do this - I just needed to learn how to do it.

I found some of the answers I was seeking though The QuinnTessential Experience (TQE), an experiential personal growth class. If you can't afford to go to the classes, I recommend a book written by James Roswell ("Ross") Quinn, one of their facilitators, called "Controlling Others for Love and Profit" ("If you believe that, then you better wake up. Controlling others is not the solution - It is the problem."). Don't be thrown off by the title ... it was originally going to be called "The Love-Based Leader". I edited the first edition. Another option may be to keep your eyes open for classes taught by some of the folks involved in the movie "The Secret". I think these classes are sometimes over-priced, and I don't know if they are as good as TQE, honestly. But some of what they are teaching is on a similar vein (I like what I have heard Lisa Nichols say so far). The bottom line is that you can simply decide not to let other people wear you out, and still be an effective healer. The best way I have found, the way that really "sticks" with people is in group experiential classes like TQE. I have seen people get a lot out of Ross's books, but it is like a glass of water. In the classes, people really jump in the pool.

Other ways I balance things out? I meditate every day, both morning and evening. I use the concepts in Ross's Centering CD. I journal about my experiences, I keep track of my emotions and what triggers them. I set my personal boundaries, and stick to them. I suspect that you feel an awful lot of responsibility for others, and this is the reason you feel so exhausted all the time. I don't take responsibility for other people's happiness anymore. I still want to help others, but the funny thing is, when I am able to release my attachment to the outcome, not only am I more effective, I am a lot happier.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Astrological Predictions from Mark Lerner

I'm afraid I missed parts of Astrologer Mark Lerner's appearance on Coast to Coast last night, but he did say Hillary Clinton "stands out" in his "election night charting".

He pointed out that the Minneapolis bridge tragedy took place just as Pluto was on the horizon. Israel has to be careful in January and February, due to the stationing of Mars.

Jupiter goes direct Monday, and Lerner says that the stationary period could bring big scale tremors.

Mars goes stationary on a critical point in the US chart mid november, and there could be a downturn in the markets because of problems in the housing market. Between now and September 8th, women and artists should take advantage of Venus retrograde to retool our creativity.

He believes that 2012 will bring a massive spiritual transformation.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Am I Psychic?

I think it was last summer that I went to go see a psychic with my mom. The psychic told me that I was psychic and that I knew what people were thinking. I have anxiety disorder and hate crowds, I can hardly get to sleep at night, and I get really bad headaches out of nowhere that come and then just leave. This has really been bothering me, it would be great if I could hear what you have to say for me.

Thank you so much for your time.


Dear SB,

You haven't mentioned whether or not you have had any psychic experiences, though the kinds of symptoms you have described are common with many psychics. In the end though, you are the only one who can ultimately decide if you are psychic or not, and you need to figure that out by keeping careful track of your intuitive experiences and dreams.

Journal-keeping is vital to your personal and psychic growth. You can go back over time and check the details. You'll find that you remember some things differently a week, month or year down the line. It is really helpful in so many ways. It will prove to you that you are seeing something "real", and where your blind-spots are. It keeps things grounded.

If you rule out any physical causes, and you have had visions or dreams that have come true, I recommend that you get a copy of Living With Your Psychic Gifts ... All the best advice that I would give you is actually already in the book. In the meantime, the best thing to do is to meditate every day, to regularly ground yourself, and to keep a regular journal of these kinds of experiences so that you can look back on them with more clarity in the future.

I do have a lower-cost eBook version available for $9.99, which contains the core material. If you don't know of any meditations that may help, and can't afford my book or eBook, I suggest starting at your local Library – they may have some good books available there. Your local Buddhist temple may also offer free meditation classes. There is nothing better for your peace of mind than meditation, and it will be helpful to you, no matter what is causing the anxiety attacks. One of the best guided meditations I know is on Ross Quinn's "Centering CD". You can buy a CD on his web site.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sean David Morton Predictions on Coast

Intuitive futurist psychic Sean David Morton appeared on Coast to Coast AM tonight, spending much of the first hour going over past predictions, predictably (pun intended) focusing on past predictions that have come to pass, particularly in the stock and financial markets. Past hits include Katrina, the rise of the Euro, Catepillar Tractor, and the recent housing-related correction.

Sean is mostly concerned about massive hyper-inflation of the economy in November. He says that the current market situation will improve in the short term. He says the Fed will print more money, a lot of it, to keep the blue-chip stocks high. There will be huge mergers and more consolidation. Major shakeup involving Cheney and Bush.

He thinks that the progressed US Sun in Pisces will bring ocean-based developments such as an engine based on burning seawater, submarines, boating. He likes Crocs shoes and Sketchers. Pisces has to do with dream states, spirits, shows like Coast, and The Secret. There will be great water-related catastrophes, economic collapses between November of this year and the end of 2009. People will come together to help each other and will turn their back on our materialistic lifestyles. He is recommending buying and holding copper, silver, gold and platinum, up to 25% of your portfolio. He says silver may double.

He sees a "big red boil" of energy under Seattle and cannot predict how it will manifest. He suggested that residents there meditate and pray, and visualize a golden acupuncture needle of light and love to puncture the earth and relieve the pressure before there is a disaster. In Japan, there will be another very substantial quake in Japan that will result in a cloud of white gas or steam that will kill and sicken a large portion of a city, sometime within the next 2-3 weeks or so. He is not seeing a lot of hurricanes hitting the US. There will be a lot of rain, flooding and a record number of tornados. August 26 to September16, one large hurricane will come out of the Atlantic into South Carolina, and will buzz-saw up the coast. There will be a series of 4.5 - 5.0 quakes up along the New Madrid fault in Ohio. There could be massive destruction there in 2011-2012. He sees genetically-engineered diseases wiping out much of Africa.

One thing I like about Sean David Morton is with all the disasters he sees, he's not as fatalistic as some others in this field. On May 26-28 2010 there will be a new harmonic convergence that will "cement the energy from 1987". He believes that humanity can mediate or lessen the impact of negative events in the future through focused positive intentions.

Ron Paul may sweep the ballots in New Nampshire. He could end up being a third-party candidate. There will be shocking changes to Bush-Cheney in November. He cannot predict at this time who the candidates will be.


Ouija? NonNien! Not on Coast to Coast!

Tonight was George Noory's infamous Coast to Coast Ouija Board experiment. It went down more or less exactly like I expected. George opted out at the last minute in a deluge of negative feedback and recriminations from one side, and applause from the other. The feedback was almost evenly split.

I respected the ultimate decision. I was against the idea from the start. My only gripe is with the way it was drawn out over a period of weeks. Noory is too shrewd and experienced a talk show host not to know the impact on the audience of drawing out the decision for that long, and the controversy can only be good for ratings. I can understand why some members of the audience expressed anger and disappointment at his decision. I can understand they might feel misled. But Noory sounded sincere to me. I'll take it just as I heard it. I do think he struggled with this, right up to the end, and it probably wasn't easy for him to walk away from it. I found his personal story of a near-death experience compelling and interesting.

My beef with the folks who are angry at him is that they seem to have no empathy for his struggle over the moral decision to expose potentially millions of people to spiritual and psychic forces they might not be ready to deal with. That's my beef with the makers of the Ouija board itself. The argument was made that we all have personal responsibility, and on one level this is absolutely true. But on the other hand, you don't give a handgun to a child and tell them to go out and play. Many of the listeners of Coast simply aren't ready to deal with exposure to psychic forces of this kind. They simply have no idea what they are opening themselves up to.

I'll take this a step or two beyond the Ouija board ... one theme in my own thinking, since I wrote Living With Your Psychic Gifts, is the idea that far too many people approach psychic experiences as "dabblers", and that's the core of the problems I end up seeing for large numbers of my readers. They started playing with something as a lark or a toy, but they opened Aladdin's Lamp and the Genie won't go back inside (nor is he cute cuddly and blue with Robin William's voice or sense of humor, for that matter).

I do discourage "dabbling". If you get involved in psychic development, you should understand that you will be making a lifetime commitment to your personal growth, and there will be effects you won't like at times. I will never forget one email from a reader who asked me a dozen questions, all of which were answered on my site. When I told her to go read it first and I'd answer any questions not answered later, she responded rather huffily that she didn't have time to do that! My response, with all due respect, was to tell her that if she did not have time to read it, then chances were good she wouldn't have the time to follow my advice, either. Prozac can shut down some psychic ability (if you can tolerate the side effects, costs and danger), but there is really no "magic pill" that can stuff the Genie back into the lamp entirely. Don't dabble in any of this stuff unless you are prepared to take the time to deal with the issues it will bring up. As Noory's guests said many times tonight, whether it is Ouija in particular or psychic experimentation in general, the baggage you bring with you is going to make a huge difference to the kind of experience you will have. There is no faster way to discover that you have hidden issues than to start opening up to your psychic ability.

I specifically discourage neophytes from dabbling with Ouija because of the way it is marketed. This is not a game, it is a heavy duty psychological experiment wrapped up in a metaphysical box, IMNSHO. It is a direct and immediate connection to the subconscious. On top of that, it opens the spiritual doors to any and all entities who may want to drop in. It's psychic Russian Roulette. You don't know who you are gonna get, and there is absolutely no spiritual or psychic protection guidance offered by the makers of the Ouija.

I am sure I'll get letters from experienced psychics who have had nothing but wonderful experiences, and the odd dabbler who got lucky - but the warning here is not for you. Sure, I grant you, some people have had positive experiences, but the majority of stories I have heard have been terrifying. And like George Noory, I am not sure that possibility is worth the risk.

If you have played with a Ouija board and are having negative experiences, my suggestion for disposal is simple. Send it back to the manufacturer, without a return address. Let them dispose of it in whatever manner they see fit. Maybe if they get enough of these "toys" back in the mail, they will rethink the way they have marketed this "game".


Monday, July 23, 2007

Child Senses Spirit of Loved One

Hi Brandi - can you please help with this question? I have a 2 year-old daughter who appears to have psychic abilities as she can see and hear a recent loved one who has recently passed away. The strange thing is when he is present she hear a sort of humming/buzzing sound which sometimes scares her as well as (sometimes) getting a sore neck (the deceased loved one hung himself). I would really appreciate a response to help me deal with this.


Dear CF

The humming/buzzing sound may be coming from the loved one, but it may also be coming from the distinct probability that your daughter also has out of body experiences on a regular basis. This symptom is common with psychics of many different kinds. My suggestion is to have her hearing checked, just in case, to rule out any physical causes. Whenever she hears it, be as comforting as you can. If it becomes uncomfortable, or she seems to be ungrounded, wash her feet and hands in cold water (not too cold mind you).

I would tell her lots of people have these experiences. I wouldn't tell her "there is nothing to be afraid of", unless she actually mentions being fearful. One thing I have discovered is that most children are not afraid of spirits until they find out that it is something their elders are fearful of. Think of the typical first haircut or dentist appointment. How do children react when we tell them "Don't worry, it won't hurt?" ... almost always with tears, because all they hear is "worry" and "hurt" at that age. "Spirits are not to be feared" puts the concepts of "fear" and "spirits" together in the same sentence. You may not have done this, but chances are someone has. It's well-meaning, but it doesn't work.

If she is truly fearful at this point, the best you can do is reassure her that this is someone who loved you and her and all he is trying to do is communicate with her, to let you know he is okay. Ask leading questions like, "How do you feel about this?" and "Did he say anything?" ... keep it age-appropriate of course, and back off if this upsets her. The idea though is to give her the idea that this is something perfectly normal and natural. She will have questions about how he died, and that may be better addressed by a child psychologist than myself, but my 2 cents is that honesty is always best (again at age appropriate levels, and without revealing facts that might distress her further).

As for this loved one, the way he died is a challenge for you. He's likely earthbound, and may be confused and disoriented. He needs some help crossing over. Then there is the profound impact on your family emotionally, never mind psychically, which may also need to be addressed. There is an excellent book by Edith Fiore called "The Unquiet Dead", that I highly recommend. In a nutshell though, tell him he was successful in ending his life, and that now he must cross over into the Light. His activities are upsetting and harmful to your child, and as much as you love and miss him, damaging to himself. It's not fair for him to keep coming back to her when he is causing fear and neck pains to her. I would do this while she is asleep, after the next time she reports him being present (not in the same room, children hear a lot more than we think when they are asleep). If you sense resistance, and/or she reports continued visits, let me know, and I will make some further recommendations ... but 90% of the time, these spirits leave on their own accord, once they realize that their presence is causing disruption.


Friday, July 06, 2007

Dr. Turi - Coast to Coast AM July 07

Dr. Turi made only a brief appearance on Coast to Coast AM this evening, but he did make one specific forecast ... on July 30 he expects a serious surpise, could be a large explosion of some kind. Turi was declared right about last space station prediction by George Noory and Richard C. Hoagland, as they did indeed experience a lot of computer problems in the last mission.

Update: Early July 31, Mount Bulusan explodedin the Philippines. I'm calling this a "hit".

Thursday, July 05, 2007

George Ure and "Cliff", Coast to Coast Live July 5, 2007

Last night on Coast to Coast, George Ure and "Cliff" were guests who use a proprietary web bot technology. They study language patterns in Internet discussions to forecast indicators for future events.

I find this process intriguing. Basically the premise is that the Internet forms a reflection of global consciousness. Since the advent of the Internet, I have been forecasting that the Internet is the formative stage of a true global consciousness that may eventually become self-aware. So I am fascinated to see the possibility that this infant consciousness may also be psychic. At the same time, this type of forecasting has the same limits as any form of psychic ability. George and Cliff admit that they tend to focus on negative keywords, as they have the strongest emotional impact. As a result, so most of the forecasts are negative and frightening. They also admit that at times what they pick up has more to do with global fears than actual outcomes. And they admit that sometimes the pattern only becomes clear after the event.

Some of their forecasts:

The US dollar could collapse.

The International Space Station may have to be abandoned.

Millions of people could be scattered in a "diaspora" by a severe weather event around the end of September 2007.

During the first three months of 2008 there could be a pandemic, possibly the bird flu.

In Fall 2007, they see some kind of fungus that will impact crops and human health.

Three earthquakes could occur in California sometime between September to December 2007. A prominent wedding may be disrupted.

They believe that Greenland's glacier will melt, causing a global coastal catastrophe within the next five years. Millions of people will be killed in a huge tidal wave.

I am a tad ambivalent about this particular set of forecasts, even though they are heavily disclaimered as "For Entertainment Value Only". These two fellows are selling a newsletter based entirely on fear-based values. I can see the demand for this, it's canny marketing. Fear sells. I just wonder if that is the best use of their talents and technology. I would love to see the same process applied to some positive values as well.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Clairsentience - Turn it off? (2)

I don't want this, it's made my life hell, I have been ostracized by my peers, no one believes me, or they believe me and just believe I'm nuts. I can't control it. It won't just appear on command, so it makes me look even more nuts. Depression seems to play a factor in this, so does stress. I will give you that. It seems to hit hardest when I feel like crap or I'm really stressed.

I have studied meditation, the tarot, and even astrology, a friend of mine recommended them because of the feelings I was having, they aren't really visions, they are more like feelings. They only seemed to make the stupors last longer and become audible, they make them worse. I have no control what so ever.

I'm so ashamed, my priest says im going crazy too, he thinks I should see a dr.

I am alone...

You are not alone. I went through the exact same thing, and I have gotten many many letters over the years, just like yours. It's heartbreaking to me to read your pain and know I cannot provide the answer you are hoping for, but I don't believe you are crazy, either. You are just a hyper-sensitive empath living in an unsympathetic situation.

I don't have any real control over my visions or impressions either. I have come to accept that too. They come when they do. The more journaling I have done though, the more the evidence has mounted up that what I sense is real, and the more I am able to tell the difference between fearful thoughts, wishful thinking and a real intuition.

One thing that has made a huge difference to my happiness is that I don't try to convince anyone else that it is real anymore ... not even you. I don't care if you believe me that my gift is real or not. What matters is that I believe it. If you are still doubting yourself, it is no wonder you are unhappy. Start journaling and meditating. You will benefit from it in ways you can't begin to imagine.

Some of my friends are doubters too ... but you know what? I don't care! Those who truly love me, love me anyway, and those who are mean about it ... well, I weeded them out of my life a long time ago. Life is too short to have closed-minded, fear-based people around me. That includes family in my case. The only one I really talk to much is my mother. That may sound sad, but the truth is I never had much in common with the rest of them anyway. I have a new circle of friends now who are the most loving and supporting people I could hope for, and I am the happiest I have ever been. When I look back, the truth is I am better off without some of those people in my life.

I felt strongly from the beginning that depression is a factor in your situation, and the best thing I did for depression was taking The QuinnTessential Experience classes. If you don't feel that is for you, and you cannot get to Toronto, then the next best thing is to go see your doctor and see if you can get a referral to a cognitive therapist. That's the closest thing in traditional medicine to what they teach at The QuinnTessential Experience. Watch the movie "The Secret". There are some clues in there as well. I think you are not "crazy" if you are just depressed. I think your priest is probably trying to get you to get help for your depression, but unless he actually used that word, then you are projecting your judgments onto him. I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I don't understand why you feel ashamed. What have you done to be ashamed of? If in the rare event you do have some sort of mental illness (I am not a psychiatrist but you sound sane to me), then that is not your fault. Talk it over with your doctor, he or she will be able to see if you need intervention. If you don't have a mental illness, then all you are guilty of being is sensitive and gifted! Cut yourself a break. It's bad enough that other people have been unsupportive, you don't need to put yourself down as well.

I do think you should avoid Tarot or astrology for now. It will open you up more, when what you need to do is ground yourself. Focus your energy on physical activity. Meditate, learn how to ground yourself. Pray. Once you get to the stage where you can accept this, that is the time to broaden your studies.


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Clairsentience - Turn it off?

How do you turn it off and forget about the ability?


The truth of the matter is you can't simply turn it off and forget it. The simplest analogy I can think of is if you wanted to stop eating, because you want to lose weight. You can certainly cut down on eating, or eat more wisely - but stop eating altogether, and you won't be around too much longer.

Your psychic ability is tied to your intuition, creativity and intelligence. The only way to totally turn it off is to stop thinking. I can think of a few blonde exceptions to the rule ... but most of us need every advantage we can get, and by totally turning your back on this gift, you will deny yourself and the rest of the world many valuable insights along with the challenges. not only that, but in my experience, the harder you fight to stuff it down, the more intense it will get until it breaks through, usually in chaotic ways.

You can learn to accept it, to learn from it, to control it better over time, though. If you have frightening visions, the more accepting you are of the experience, the more positive they will become over time. If you fight, resist and deny it, it will find other ways to express itself in your life. You are far better off working with it than fighting against it.

I wonder though if "how do you turn it off and forget about the ability?" is the real question. I suspect the real question is deeper than that. If you are unhappy with your psychic experiences, chances are good you are unhappy with other experiences in your life. I find that depression is all too common amongst hyper-sensitives.

I did find that Prozac helped me "shut down" my psychic abilities during one particularly difficult period of my life, but if I could go back into that time, I would change many things I did, including taking a dangerous, expensive, potentially addictive drug to escape my feelings. What I have learned since then is that my attitude towards life has a huge impact on the quality of my psychic experiences. As I have become a more happy, joyful, fulfilled and confident woman, I have also developed more control over my psychic abilities.

What happened was that I took The QuinnTessential Experience class, and it totally changed my outlook in life. I have now lived without depression for more than four years. It also had the side effect of giving me a set of growth skills I needed to finally get real control over my psychic abilities. When I began to develop a happy, confident, effective mental outlook, everything else fell into place naturally. The class costs less than a year's supply of Prozac, even accounting for travel costs from most places in the US and Canada. Even though this class has absolutely no content strictly related to psychic ability, if you are unhappy with your experiences, it is the fastest way I can think of to turn your life around.

If you can't get to The QuinnTessential Experience, the next best thing is to read my book. Study everything you can get your hands on about meditation, grounding, and psychic protection. When you have a frightening vision, write it down. Go back to it later on and look at what you wrote. You will have insights that will help you better accept and understand your visions. Reach out to others, though the discussion groups here and at other psychic protection sites online. Knowing you are not alone is a huge step towards acceptance, and that is the thing that will help you the most.


Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Circle Meditation

When I did readings, people often used to ask me what their Life's Purpose was. I came to realize that the point of coming to incarnate life on Earth is not to discover a purpose that God has hidden from us like some silly game of emotional hide and seek, but is instead to create meaning out of whatever circumstances come our way. If we do have a purpose, then it is up to us to create it out of what we have, not find it hidden in the subconscious of some psychic we happen to meet.

I believe the best guidance to our true purpose is to follow what brings us joy. Unfortunately, too many people are stuck in an unending angst brought on by contrary values that insist on the one hand that work must be "hard" and on the other that we must follow the path of least resistance to find our true place in life.

The other big mistake people make is in assuming that one's career is the ultimate or only reflection of our purpose in life. I've found it hugely rewarding to participate in The QuinnTessential Experience, yet I make no money from that. I really do feel that The QuinnTessential Experience or something very much like it is my true purpose in life. Maybe I will become a facilitator one day, maybe not, but regardless, that is where I find the deepest, most profound meaning in my life. Your purpose does not have to be your career.

Still, for most people, career ends up being their purpose, and many people are stuck when it comes to making career decisions. While seeing a good psychic or astrologer may help clarify things, in the end, you are the one who makes the choice. If you are finding yourself stuck with any choice, I highly recommend the following clarifying meditation to open your heart and mind to your highest joy. I would dearly love to have your feedback on this ...

Mentally prepare yourself. Center, meditate, if you use the Silva Method, go to Alpha, or simply relax in whatever method works best for you.

When you are mentally ready, imagine yourself at the beach. As you walk along, you will notice things. Pay attention to anything that draws your attention. While you are walking, gently ponder the circumstances that have brought you to this decision. Symbols of your circumstances will float up to mind. Does something get in your way? What kind of people approach you as you walk further down the beach? Do animals or obstacles enter your path?

When you feel you have gone through all the circumstances in your life that are relevant to the question, stop and draw a circle around yourself in the sand. Now, imagine that you are inside a magic circle that protects you from any harm, and brings to you all your needs. The circle magically transports any people from your life whose expectations, demands or desires may be affected by this decision, but somehow, they are all unconditionally loving and supportive in this new environment.

You can do anything you want to inside the circle. You are happy, prosperous, productive and fulfilled, though you are totally alone inside the circle. Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, your best friends, “The Joneses”, peers and people you barely know, but care about, all are outside the circle, offering their total, unconditional support. Sit inside that feeling for a time.

Now, think ... what are you doing inside the circle? You may find yourself doing a lot of things, perhaps just one, but whatever you find yourself doing in that circle is a clue to your purpose. If nothing immediately comes to mind, thank everyone and let them float away. Now, an angel floats down from heaven. Pay attention to the appearance of this angel. It isn't the typical greeting card angel, it is a being of light, but a very unique one. This angel bears a gift for you. Make a note of what the angel is wearing, what the angel looks like. The angel will give you a gift. Thank the angel and let it float away. Now, look down at the gift ... what is the gift the angel left for you?

Most often the gift will be something symbolic. If the symbol isn't obvious to you, just keep that gift in mind for a while. Eventually it will break through and make sense to you.

Ground yourself and come back to reality.

Many people have had remarkable breakthroughs using this meditation, but it is only the first step. Now that you have an idea of the direction to take in your path, "reality" really starts to matter.

If you choose to move to another city, or to study certain topics in school, your parents may be hurt or confused. You may have to deal with loneliness and will probably experience money problems. The path won't always be easy, but at least you will have a goal, and an idea of what you want to achieve in life.

Some people are so confused by the demands of other people and of society that they cannot block out the needs of loved-ones, and may find that absolutely nothing comes to them inside the circle. Others may find that something outrageous occurs to them that they cannot accept as a practical alternative. This is when a qualified astrologer or psychic counselor might be helpful.

The Circle Meditation is featured in my Book Living With Your Psychic Gifts - Chapter 12. This meditation can be adapted to almost any major life decision, not just career decisions. Whenever you are stuck, not knowing what you really want to do, give it a try and see what comes up for you!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June 13 2007 - Louis Turi with George Noory

Dr. Louis Turi has a lot to teach people about the ancient art of astrology, I’d like to take one of his classes, especially since he holds them in places I am drawn to. He’s an entertaining, lively guest, it always makes for good radio whenever he’s on the Coast to Coast show.

Turi says he has faith in humanity and technology. "God did not create the earth to end up in a miserable way."

"We are not doomed George, we are not," adding that we can shape our future and bring peace, love and respect to the world.

I applaud his positive attitude about the future of the world, especially coming on the Coast to Coast show where so many psychics and seers seems to see nothing but disasters.

The tail and head of dragon are still in Virgo-Pisces axis. Middle East oil continues to be strongly affected by the nodes. With the Dragon moving into the Aquarius-Leo axis at end of year, expect incredible, surprising shocking news, nature has not yet spoken. He mentioned serious tragedies, earthquakes, and tornadoes but offered no specifics on dates or locations.

His strongest forecast this time around was that NASA will be forced to be entirely restructured. He sees devastating events coming at the space agency, including possible deaths of astronauts. When speaking with Richard Hoagland at the end of the show, he says he sees millions of tax dollars wasted, and more computer problems ahead . I find Hoagland’s tortion (sp?) and hyper-dimensional physics as an explanation for astrology an intriguing possibility. I hope the two of them can follow up on it together when they are not under the constraints of a show like Coast.

Turi rattled off a quick list of dates I could not write down quickly enough, though Lex Lonehood will be posting a summary in the usual place on the Coast site (in the past show summaries). He also posts these in his mailing list and web site. His Moon Power Star Guide for the year 2007 is available on the web site.

Turi said June 16 will be the beginning of an ending, a cycle of destructive weather. The same energy that produced Katrina will return. He says to check CNN on that date for earth-change disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. On June 16, the Moon is moving into Cancer. Beginning or ending of important phases of life. France and Italy will make news, the Ring of Fire will become active. Real estate in the US will be turned upside down. [As of June 30, I feel this is a "miss" - there was no major storm to my knowledge in this time frame]

I'll give Turi a hit though for "Famous Death/Dramatic News/Police/FBI/CIA/Mob/Secrets/Scandals/Wake Up Call/Terrorism/Finances/Sex/Serial Killers." - I don't recall him saying this on the show - he may have provided it to Lex after the show. There are definitely news stories right now relating to these themes, some of them quite surprising and unexpected.

The economy, stock market does not look good this year, but gold looks good.

It seemed to me that Turi was trying to focus on explaining his craft while George Noory was looking for more “wowie-zowie” predictions for his prediction-hungry audience (as usual). He did a pretty good job of doing just that. This time around we got to see him in action with questions from callers, impressive, as I know as an astrologer myself it is not easy to quickly whip off readings in such short time frames. He’s blunt, straightforward, and doesn’t hold back what he sees to spare anyone’s feelings.

I do have a couple minor quibbles about Dr. Turi, the primary one being a semantic argument over how he uses the word "predictions" on the one hand to describe his craft … but at the same time he says "I don't predict anything". Actually, I agree with him – what he does, and he does extremely well, is forecast (see my article "Forecasting versus Prediction" for an explanation of the difference between forecasts and predictions). I fear his confusing of this word is doing his credibility a disservice with skeptics who might latch onto an apparent contradiction that he does not intend.

I do subscribe to his mailing list, and highly recommend it. He pulls no punches though – he doesn't have any patience for fools and religion, and he finds them together on not infrequent occasions. Some say they see him as overbearing and egotistical. I see him as blunt and a bit impatient with his critics, but he is as entertaining and informative on the Internet as he is on radio

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dr. Evelyn Paglini Makes More Psychic Hits

May 13 2007 - Dr. Evelyn Paglini was on with Art Bell on Coast to Coast again tonight, as a number of her previous forecasts have come to pass. See my previous blog on April 21.

Two major hurricanes that will hit the gulf coast, tornados and storms that will make history [there have been heavier than normal storms and tornados, though no major hurricanes as of late October] . She would put FIMA along the Gulf Coast and the Central Plains. She does not like the look of the dams and levies she has seen. She says she sees "other people killing children"[there have been two school shooting events] . She says there may be riots or civil unrest in major cities. This is "not a done deal yet", but is "still in the planning stage". It could happen in the "heat of the summer" [summer is over and this did not occur] . She remains worried about a virus with flu-like symptoms that will be deadly. It will be released "by man's hand" in the United States, and will take a long time before they will find treatments. She foresees financial troubles ahead, a slow-down this fall, with a major stock correction in September-October [she was correct on this one, this is a solid hit] . There will be another oil interruption, which will not be caused by weather. She recommends communities and individuals put away food and water for possible disasters between now and 2012. There will be a rash of contaminants in our food, both accidental and deliberate. There will be a lot of solar flares between now and 2012, and a possible nuclear exchange.

She seems to think that the Northern Midwest will be more safe than the coastal areas.

Dr. Paglini is impressive. She says she does not want to call her statements "predictions", she wants to call them "warnings". She says she doesn't have all the answers, and seems concerned about the primarily negative quality of most of the predictions that come to her. I give her extra kudos for that, and for saying that future events can be changed.

She told one caller not to worry about the warnings and visions he was getting, to write them down. She also has a Mind Dynamics Course that will teach people to shut down or improve their psychic abilities. I haven't got a copy of this course to review it, but if it is as direct and straight-forward as she is on Coast, it should be worth a try.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Discovery Network is looking for a Psychic Family

Authentic Entertainment is searching for a psychic family for an upcoming episode of "MY UNIQUE FAMILY", a series for The Learning Channel (TLC) which is part of the Discovery Network. The first three episodes of MY UNIQUE FAMILY aired in February and were very well received. Each of the families profiled felt that their story was accurately portrayed and ratings were high.

The goal of the MY UNIQUE FAMILY series is to show how families work together to overcome challenges. The psychic family we profile must have abilities that have been passed down from one generation to the next, and must have children. Ideally, one of the children would have issues with his families psychic abilities, and would be struggling to fit into the mainstream. Through the course of the show, however, the child would come to a new appreciation of his/her family.

If you know any families that might be interested, please have them email me 1-2 paragraphs:

Katrina Drabkin
Authentic Entertainment
Cell: 323-842-2445


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Psychic Children

My niece foresaw the Virginia Tech Tragedy. We always new she was going to have a much stronger Psychic ability that the rest of the family but it's all coming to a head at an amazing rate and it's scaring the crap out of her. She see's orbs, ghosts, spirits, they follow her home, events have happened at school in her classrooms for all to witness, she hers conversations, she feels their feelings. We are having trouble trying to comfort her and remind her that this is a gift. Any suggestions? This is not a joke. I need to find her some help. She's too strong psychically. It's like a switch was turned on in her psyche and the rest is history. Where can we find help? We know she is psychic but we don't know how to help her except to support and comfort her when things get scary.


Dear SS,

The first thing is to remember to have an attitude of detached interest when she shares her experiences. What I mean by that is be interested, encourage her, but don’t make a big deal out of this. If she feels fear, it is in part because what she sees is scary, and in part because the adults around her react with the shivers when she brings it up. That gives children the clear message "This is a big deal, it's a scary thing". The truth is, it does not have to be scary.

Wherever you can, ask don't tell! Learn how to do "Active Listening". That's a technique featured in "Parent Effectiveness Training" (PET). Essentially what you do is guide the other person to come to their own conclusion with some leading questions. I have an outline on my anti-bullying section here. I also recommend looking into PET ... it will help you deal with other emotional situations – psychically sensitive kids also tend to be emotionally sensitive as well.

If I spoke to your niece, I would acknowledge that I have had some scary experiences of my own. Then I would ask her if she has ever had a scary dream. Chances are good she will say yes. Then I would ask her if she was ever really hurt by something in a dream. Once she woke up, didn't the scary thing go away? Of course the answer is yes there too. So I would ask her if she sees any difference between her visions and impressions than dreams in that regard. While they are happening, they may be scary, like a movie or a dream, but once they are over, nothing bad has ever happened, has it?

Encourage her to start keeping a journal of her experiences. Teach her to meditate. Teach her some of the protection exercises in my book (especially grounding), or those techniques that your family has taught in the past. Remind her that you and others in your family have a similar talent. Tell her it's natural, most people have it, but other families don't all talk about it because they have different traditions about it. See if you can bring her along to local classes or seminars. One I recommend for children is "The Virtues Project" ... it's not about being psychic, it's more about better communicating, and that will help her in many ways, not just as a sensitive. There may also be psychic classes, meetings or gatherings in your community. If she is surrounded with people who are open-minded and supportive, she will eventually realize that this is a normal part of life.

One last thing ... if she is having any trouble integrating what she saw with the Virginia Tech tragedy, it will most likely take the form of guilt and grief.

About guilt ... Let her know that many others also likely foresaw it, but it's rare we get enough information to act on these things. Nothing that happened was her fault, and there was nothing she could have done to prevent it, regardless. Society is just not ready to listen to intuition about such things ... heck, people came forward with actual direct warnings from knowing the shooter, and even that could not prevent this from happening.

About grief ... even though she may not know any of the people who died, she may have a stronger than normal attachment to them. At some level, she may feel she knew them. Treat this grief as normal. Accept it. Get her counselling for it, if she is open to that. Even non-psychic children may be experiencing anxiety and trauma from what they have seen on TV. How much more traumatic must that be when a child has seen it in her psyche?


Sunday, April 29, 2007

No agape for psychics in Philadelphia

City inspectors in Philadelphia shut down more than a dozen psychics, astrologers and tarot-card readers after learning about a decades-old state law that bans fortune telling for profit. More --->

This is a timely warning for anyone in the "psychic business" that antiquated laws and attitudes still rule in many parts of the USA. Hopefully the ACLU and some of the affected businesses will sue to repeal this unfair law. In my opinion it is an infringement and a violation of the civil and spiritual rights of the people of Philadelphia.

I am as concerned as anyone about hoaxers and frauds in this business, and I believe that the police should be called in wherever there is evidence of "curse removal" or similar scams going on. I want to see hoaxers hammered - hard. But if we were to apply the same broad-brush tactics to medicine or psychiatry, we'd be closing down hospitals willy-nilly just because of the presence of a few quacks. In my personal experience with the medical establishment and with psychics, I have to say I have encountered as many frauds and quacks in medicine as I have in psychic fairs.

Canada has a federal law dating back to the 1800's outlawing "witchcraft", which forbids anyone from "pretending to tell the future". In Canada, it is rare that there is any attempt to enforce it. Periodically fundamentalists invoke that law to try to get psychic fairs and businesses shut down. I was present at on fair in Calgary, where the week before we'd been forced to get "fortune teller" licenses at $200 a pop. Then the police reluctantly showed up to try to shut the show down, with a small gaggle of placard-waving protestors behind them. The irony was not lost on police that we had city-issued licenses for the activity they were wanting to shut us down for. We put up signs saying readings were for fun and entertainment purposes only which satisfied the police, and the issue was dropped.

Even though the situation was resolved amicably, the repulsive law remains on the books in Canada, and it is periodically dragged up by religious groups or skeptics to harass psychics. If this law outlawed any other religious belief and forbade "prophecy", there would be an outcry across the country. But it is still okay to persecute "witches" and those who would pursue faith and spirit independent of an organized faith. Psychics beware ... Salem is not that long past us.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another "Hit" on Coast to Coast AM

"I think the Dow will go to over 14,000 this year" - Shawn David Morton, earlier this year on Coast to Coast.

So far the "Coast Psychics" have a pretty good hit rate. I am finding it impressive, even if I know most skeptics won't. I have also started some discussions with some other psychics who are not wild about my "prediction versus forecast" position. But I don't think they are understanding what I am saying. Most of those who have taken issue with what I said feature "predictions" heavily as part of their work. But when I really read what they are doing, they are in fact "forecasting", at least for the most part. I'm only taking them to task for their choice of language. I'd like to see us be more precise about what it is we claim to do. There are some limitations to foresight. What works well are overviews of conditions in the future. What works less well are predictions as to the actual manifestation those conditions will trigger.

"I think the Dow will go to over 14,000 this year" is pretty specific. It's probably based on two things - one being Mr. Morton's knowledge of remote viewing, and the other his understanding of the markets. Someone like Mr. Morton can take the symbolic impressions common to psychics and remote viewers and make an educated assessment (some psychics did not like my use of the word "guess") as to how the energy behind those symbols will manifest.

One of the challenges for beginners and professionals alike is taking the symbolic language of psychic ability and translating that into the expected manifestation. For example, one time I had two clients with strong transits in their fifth houses of their astrological charts. One got pregnant, and the other started a new business (daycare as it happens). Recently I have had a strong transit in the 5th house, and I recently decided to sponsor a child through Children International, plus I have been cranking out one painting after another. All these things feature children and creativity, the hallmarks of the 5th house. But as we are very different people, we all used that same energy in very different ways.

It's my position that we will continue to face irrational and energetic skepticism until we can come to an agreement as to just what it is psychics claim to do. When we focus on our "predictions" without explainging the process to our clients and the media, we reinforce the idea that we are making claims we can't support. I feel a small change in our language would help illustrate the difference between "predictions" and "forecasts", and that would help us all.

On the other hand ... I am secretly rooting for the Coast Psychics. The better they do, the more clear it becomes that we're not all crazy after all.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dr. Evelyn Paglini makes two solid hits on Coast to Coast

April 21, 2007 - Tonight on Coast to Coast with Art Bell, who was filling in for George Noory, psychic Evelyn Paglini was brought in to talk about successful predictions she has made on previous Coast shows. She had been on the show March 31 where she predicted that "the pet food problem will continue to spread" and that "children killing children ... will escalate". There were references to a disaster worse than Columbine, and people jumping out of windows in her earlier prediction.

"This was one time I did not want to be anywhere close to being right," said Paglini. "I started picking up this evil presence back in November. We're going to see more carnage and more horror. There is a non-human evil at work here."

She said this evening that she foresees another similar event that will include explosions. She also sees a horrendous killer heatwave, blackouts, and power-outages in the USA and Europe. There will be a "number of arson fires in the West that will be worse than usual. She sees a couple groups doing planning, who are "intentionally setting fires [CNN reports the "Witch Fire" (interesting name for it) in Santiago County was deliberately set, October 24] . A deadly flu outbreak will be unleashed, there will be panic, but they will ultimately find a treatment. There will be a "contaminant found in canned human foods. There will be flooding in India.

"You will have this year more shootings in schools ... with guns and with explosives."

Monday, April 02, 2007

Major Ed Dames - Coast to Coast AM Predictions April 02, 2007

My one pet beef with what I call "Media Psychics" is the focus on predictions. I wonder about the ethics of making predictions for a number of reasons. First, there seems to be little if any accountability. Nobody is really doing any serious tracking or oversight of how accurate they are. Second, I have noticed that it seems to be the more sensational and negative psychics who make it on the air (the subject of today's blog being a prime example). Finally, I wonder about the usefulness of predictions altogether. One reason I got out of doing readings is that was the item of biggest interest to my clients, and of least interest to me. I believe the future is always in motion, a change of mind can change the world. A healthy mind stays focused on the only moment that matters: right now.

I do recognize that most of my audience doesn't share those concerns <g> ... you love predictions. So I figured it would be interesting to log the predictions and statements of popular psychics here for posterity, so we can all have a look at them in the future. I also decided to have a little fun on my blog with my favorite radio show, Coast to Coast AM. They often have psychics and remote viewers on, they tend to feature some of the more popular and famous psychics on a fairly regular basis. I was thinking it would be fun to review the shows that feature psychics and psychic topics like remote viewing and consciousness. I can't promise to review each one of these appearances, I don't listen every night ... okay I DO listen every night, but I foresee the possibility that one night I might not be able to do so.

Major Ed Dames - Coast to Coast AM Predictions April 02, 2007

Ed Dames is a well known "remote viewer" whose main focus seems to be end-times prophecies, finding lost items and generally scaring the willies out of his audience. His nickname is "Doctor Doom", and for good reason, his predictions are almost exclusively about disasters. I am not going into some of the past predictions they went through on the show, I will focus only on the new predictions he is making.

This time, Ed predicts:

Worldwide damage to wheat and grass crops Update April 16, 2007 on Coast with Art Bell - Apparently there is a new variety of wheat rust fungus spreading in Africa, which meets the outline as Dames predicted.

Honey Bees will become extinct soon (there are already reports of them disappearing, nobody knows why). He believes intense UV radiation is blinding them, that they are starving to death.

We are facing a barren planet within 50 years. Quote "We are going down". He recommends people look into underground self-contained habitats.
Plankton in the ocean will die off.

There will be a nuclear reactor accident in Russia, another Chernobyl-like release of radiation.

A space shuttle will be forced to the ground by a meteor shower then there will be a massive solar flare Ed calls "The Kill Shot" that will take out most life on earth.

There is an alien race on earth watching us, helping with the ozone level. One of his working groups is working on contact.

The US will not get to Mars, the Russians and Chinese will make it first.

Casini may not be able to photograph it, but there is one of the deepest canyons in the solar system on Titan.

Once again Art Bell and Ed circled and danced around each other on the issue of free will. Ed Dames believes in free will "on some level" but does not believe that the things he sees in remote viewing sessions can be changed. I firmly disagree with this assertion. Far too many times I have clearly foreseen a specific outcome, related it to a client and had them change their path for the better. This is of course another reason why I am not a huge fan of predictions, especially as given by negative fatalists. I agree with art. I see no benefit to knowing a future that I cannot change.

The danger with predictions is in taking them too seriously and too literally, both faults I have found with his process. Whenever I listen to Ed Dames I am reminded of one psychic I used to know in Vancouver who was forever predicting the fatal earthquake that would dump the city into the ocean. Every time she had a vision though, it was right before another blow up with her abusive husband.

The "earthquakes" never happened for Vancouver, but the earth was definitely shaking in her dysfunctional home. I learned to stay away from her family for a few days whenever she'd have another vision. I tried to point this out to her, but she was convinced that eventually these predictions would pan out. I have not seen her for nearly 15 years, but Vancouver is still there, last time I checked. Eventually she will be right, after all, Vancouver is part of the Ring of Fire, and earthquakes are not uncommon there. But her visions are not about the ground shaking, they are metaphors for part of her life she wants to remain in denial about.

Ed Dames might protest that this process does not apply to him - after all, it's not just him seeing these things, he has large numbers of students seeing the same thing. Fair enough, and time will tell. Some of his previous predictions have come true. But remember also that like attracts like. People who have similar talents, biases and issues are going to be drawn into his inner circle. I remember when I did readings, I would attract one person after another to my booth who had the exact same "stuff" going on in their lives that I did. In the "Psychic Circle" we noticed that we would all do it. The reader with the breakup would attract the lonely hearts. I would attract the prosperity-seekers. There would be exceptions, but the rule held about 90% of the time. I got to figure out what issues I was overlooking by watching the themes people brought to me as clients. I believe that the Dames project teams are reading as much off him as they are each other, and this is coloring the results they get.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Be careful what you wish for

For a long time i believed i never had a gift. my nan, aunty, mum and sister all do. but i never showed any signs. I wished and wished for something to happen and now it has i cant control it. it started with a dream. i had spent the whole evening wishing that i could be "special" to, when i fell into a very deep sleep i dreamed that my nan who has been dead for 9 years now came and told me i had a gift i was shutting it out because i was afraid of what it ment. and that when i woke my life would never be the same again. now all i see is reflections of people i dont no. but yet when i turn no one is there. ill be sat in my bedroom when i will go cold and my body starts to tingle. now ive got the gift i dont no what to do with it i dont no what these poeple want. did i make a big mistake by wishing for something i cant handle. is my nan punishing me for wanting more than
what i already had. please help me.


Dear k,

There are quite a few people I think have indeed asked for something they weren't ready for where it comes to psychic abilities, but I don't know if that is the case for you. Your gift might have developed exactly as it has, regardless. The women in your family have the gift, it runs in families, chances are good that you would have developed it anyway. What happened in the past isn’t important. You can't change that, so there is no point in worrying about it. What matters is, what are you going to do with it now?

I think you are a bit nervous because you are realizing now that with power comes responsibility. But what you may have overlooked is that the first responsibility is for yourself. It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants you to do. What matters is what you really want to do. I noticed something in your email – often when you refer to yourself as “I” you use a lowercase “i”. Why are you trying to make yourself small? Think about that for a while, it may be related to the confusion you are feeling right now.

One thing I am pretty sure of, and that is I don’t think your nan is punishing you. In fact, I'm sure she just loves you and she’s just trying to help you with this – her words right true, don’t they? You asked for this, and now you are trying to shut it off. Your trying to shut it off is what is causing the problem. So the solution is to find a way to positively express this gift you asked for. Start keeping a journal. Do the daily “grounding” and “white light” exercises. You are so blessed to have others in your family who have the gift, learn what you can from the women in your family who share the gift. Learn what you can from the library, from web sites like

As for the visions you are having of strange people, don’t assume they necessarily have a huge amount of importance just yet. You are in the early stages of learning about your abilities, and the worst thing beginners do to themselves is to blow these experiences out of proportion. I did that at first, and now I know that I scared myself for no reason whatsoever. Most psychic experiences are ordinary, mundane experiences. It’s just another way of communicating, it’s only that in our culture people don’t talk about it openly. I wager that most of the people you are seeing are people who have passed on who are looking for mediums to talk to. Have you ever seen the movie “Ghost”? The Patrick Swayze character was wandering around after he died, trying to find someone to tell his lady how much he loved her. Most of the time when I see spirits, it’s something similar. Tell them you want your space, that they are only to contact you when you are ready for it. Tell them to go into the light, to pray for guidance, or to find someone else with more experience than you, until you are comfortable enough with your gifts to be able to discern their intentions and find the right way to help them.

Once you realize that this is nothing to be worried about, it will just become something you take for granted. You might decide to become a professional psychic, but you could also decide to become a highly intuitive doctor or lawyer instead. It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants you to do with this gift, it is yours to play with. Follow your heart.