Friday, June 05, 2009

Dreams, premonitions and chills

Many of my dreams have been premonitions that come true. They are not very direct. No talking or words, just images that seem significant enough for me to piece together when I wake up. They typically do not make sense until the event has happened. However, I've gotten better at interpreting dream symbols and have been able to anticipate events. It seems at this point that these images and ideas can only freely flow through my mind when relaxed in sleep. I wonder if there's a way to become relaxed enough while awake to have similar experiences?

I also have a question about chills... sometimes while contemplating these dreams I have a sensation of energy driving through my body in the form of chills. It often happens when I am praying... Anyone else ever experienced chills? What's your take on this? For me, they seem to affirm that I am on a positive path in life or sometimes that I need to seriously change.


Dear LAC,

Yes, I have experienced these chills, I think they are quite common. I think they can be something physical at times, but when the coincide with strong psychic impressions that says to me a strong spiritual power, a guide or angel, may be behind their origin.

The best way to be relaxed while awake to trigger psychic impressions is through meditation. There are all kinds of different teachers of meditation available online - go to YouTube and type in "meditation", there are loads of guided visualizations available free of charge. I particularly recommend Ross Quinn's "Centering" CD. His Centering process is very similar to the Rainbow Meditation that is in Living With Your Psychic Gifts. One day I will get around to offering my own CD (laugh), but for now, give Ross's CD a try.

As for the dreams and premonitions, I know I sound like a broken record here (or a Napster Fart for you young whippersnappers), but journaling is the best way to to really nail down your progress with both dream interpretation and getting more accurate premonitions. I also highly recommend you join the Dream Catcher discussion group. I'm one of the moderators there.