Sunday, November 13, 2005

What is my Path of Illumination?

My life has been fairly 'normal', no great success or great tragedy but somehow I feel I am not really on the path of illumination that I am supposed to be on? Is this feeling accurate? And if so, can you give me some advice on what to do?


I sincerely believe that there is no great mystery to the path anyone is “supposed” to be on. It is the path of your highest joy, your heart’s desire. There is no mystical career counselor up in the sky deciding Sally will do this, Thomas will do that, TT will be a (fill in the blank). And if that guy does exist, I doubt he wants us doing stuff we don’t enjoy.

Unfortunately, traditional spiritual teachings have given us this impression that we have a purpose designated by God for a life, a purpose that is somehow a mystery to us until we find it. And this mysterious purpose is supposed to involve a lot of struggle and sacrifice.

Poppycock. I agree with the ideas in “Conversations With God”. We are not born with a template of who we are “supposed” to be, along with a set of sacrifices we are supposed to make. Instead, it is more like a blank slate that we are supposed to fill in, through our own choices and desires. Life is not about finding meaning, it is about creating meaning. If we are given guidance, it is through our own intuition and feelings, the highest of these being love and joy.

I would not tell you what your higher purpose was, even if I thought I knew it. Because I believe that part of the purpose of your life is to believe in yourself, and have faith in your dreams. The ones you abandoned because others told you that you were not good enough, smart enough, talented enough or driven enough to succeed. If I or any other psychic were to do that, we might set you on a path of our choosing for you, rather than your own. I have had this happen in my own life, early on, when I met psychic after psychic with their own ideas about what my “purpose” was. Each one had a slightly different opinion. Finally I realized that there was no one thing I was supposed to focus on. They got the theme right, art, creative work, the Internet, psychic and intuitive work … but none of them really nailed it dead on.

I have also learned recently that in some things it is so much more powerful if you decide a thing for yourself, and this is definitely one of those kinds of questions. Sometimes though, that is easier said than done … I have met so many people whose dreams are covered by a layer of parental and social disapproval that they can’t see through. So I have created a tool for reconnecting with your heart’s desire. If you have a copy of “Living With Your Psychic Gifts” ( , look up the “Circle Meditation”.