Saturday, December 24, 2005

Chills up my spine

Hi Brandi and thanks for your time.

I need to know if the other side can reach me via chills up and down my spine.

I have had many experiences (mostly when I talk about the afterlife) where the chills come and seem to validate what I’m saying. So I’m curious if these are messages just for me.

Also, I am just learning of regression and want to try and learn about my past in order to perhaps cure myself of an ailment that may have carried over into this life. How do you feel about regression?

Are you able to guess what that ailment is???? If so, tell me.


Chills up and down the spine are common experiences during spiritual contacts. Whether this is a reflection of fear or part of some kind of psychic sense has to be determined by each individual. But if you find this is common in your own case, pay attention when it happens. Make a note of it in your journal. You may find that you can count on it for one of the signs that spiritual activity is happen.

I believe that regression can be helpful in resolving both physical and emotional issues, I have heard of astonishing healings, but whether it is an actual reflection of a past life or not in every case is hard to say. I have had spontaneous past life recall. I do believe in past lives. I also find that some of the regressions I have witnessed seem to be strong metaphors for circumstances in the current life, and I believe that it is the current life where our primary focus should be. I would recommend that you look for someone who is a qualified hypnotherapist, however.

Can I ask you why you would ask me what your ailment is? I mean, I presume you already know, right? I really don’t get a strong connection to your ailment, sorry.