Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What should I do about this spell?

This was posted by a person that has made my life hell for the last 3 months. I didn't read it because I was told not too. What should I do now?

(Binding spell deleted)


As far as the spell is concerned I wouldn't be worried in the least. Assume for a moment it is real and has power. So what? All it is supposed to do is keep the recipient from gossiping, lying and sending negative energy. So it won't have any serious negative effect on you. It does not call for any sort of harm. It is a protection from harm spell. If you are doing any of those things, the worst thing that will happen is you may find yourself frustrated. Metaphysically there is nothing to do, aside from the standard protection exercises everyone should be doing on a daily basis. A little "Love Bombing" couldn't hurt either.

Assuming it is not for real, and you are doing none of the things specified in the spell, then the problem is psychological and not spiritual. This spell would suggest then that this individual is mentally unstable if not outright paranoid. It's possible this person could be dangerous, and you want to keep them away from you and out of your life. I have some experience with bullies as well as psychic matters, and if you know this individual, and possess an address, if they are in your area, then I would get a restraining order preventing them from having any contact with you (including any electronic contact). Do not engage them! That almost never works. It may feel good to tell someone off if they are acting crazy or miserable, but nobody responds well to that. They only see your defending yourself as an attack on them, which they use to justify continued abuse.

If this is a cyberbullying situation, don't respond. Work on ignoring them completely. I would unsubscribe from any unmoderated (or poorly moderated) discussion groups you may share. Do everything within your power to actively avoid them. No matter how tempting they may make it to respond, don't. Use an email filter to automatically delete anything they email you. Un-friend them on your Facebook or MySpace page(s). Block them every way you can to keep them from contacting you. Cyberbullies thrive on attention. They will move off in 99% of cases within a week if they realize they are not getting through. For the remaining 1% further action may be needed. Contact moderators, ISPs, social networking sites and ask them to assist you in blocking this person. If they continue to attempt to get in touch with you, contact your local police or a good lawyer and ask their assistance in obtaining a restraining order to prevent this individual from contacting you via email or through any electronic means.

If none of this works, email me again privately with the details and I will see if there is something else you might be able to do.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I think too much!

I have been reading all the posts and learning a great deal. I guess I would probably describe myself as being really overwhelmed right now! I almost feel unhealthy right now from constant headaches and light headed spells. Been told so many times that it is because of caffeine, even took all caffeine out of my diet...didn't change a thing. Friends and family can't understand my mood swings (I can't either for that matter, just thought I'm so intense cause I a Scorpio) I'm told I overthink things... I will get these sick, nervous feelings in the pit of my stomach and can't figure out why. Prime example 2 days ago, I was so nervous, felt something was wrong, didn't know what or why so I just dismissed it. The next day, felt I needed to call my mom, turns out she was at my sister's house. My sister's house had just burned to the ground, she lost everything.

There is so much i want to say and so many questions, but my mind is racing a majority of the time so it can be difficult for me to even complete some thoughts fully. I just want to learn how to get hold of this. I need balance in my life, I try to meditate...can't turn my brain off long enough, so you can imagine what tryin to get to sleep is like. So how do channel it? Will I ever have a clear mind? Will my moods be even?...


Dear J,

The prime problem here isn't your psychic ability. You nailed it yourself when you said "I can't turn my brain off". My best suggestion would be to get into a LifeStream class. It will take some time and money, and could involve some travel, but of all the things I know, it's the best option, works the quickest and is the most effective way to get at the root of how we all get in our own way. If that is truly impossible, one of their facilitators, James Roswell Quinn has written a fabulous book called "Controlling Others for Love and Profit" ("If you believe that, then you better wake up. Controlling others is not the solution - It is the problem."). Don't be thrown off by the title ... it was originally going to be called "The Love-Based Leader". I helped edit the first edition. The book is currently out of print, he's working on a second edition. But there is an eBook version available.

In a nutshell, there are four basic reactions, Fight, Flight, Freeze and Facade. We all use them all at different times, but we each elevate one of them to an art form. From what you've said here, your primary reaction right now is Flight. What you need to do is spend more time in Evaluation. Force yourself to stop, think, and get your thoughts together. Celebrate yourself when you do so. It's like a muscle, if you keep exercising it, you'll get better at it. One really good way to do this is to start journaling. Do it every day, whether you have something to say or not. If you can think of nothing else, write an intention statement for the day. For example: My intention for today is to be focused. Then, at the end of the day, evaluate how focused you were, and why you were not focused. You will start to see a pattern. Journaling is the single best thing you can do to improve your psychic ability as well.

The best way to learn to meditate may be by doing guided visualizations. Quinn has a centering CD on his site. You may find many other guided visualizations online. Just Google "Meditation CDs". Try a few for different purposes. With someone's voice to keep you focused on the task, it may be easier to quiet your mind. Another idea is to simply sit still and pay attention to your breathing. Count your in and out breaths ... and notice that over a period of time you are able to maintain your focus for longer and longer periods. I am not one of these people who believes it is necessary to meditate for hours each day - I think 5-10 minutes twice a day is all most people need to start seeing benefits. It needs to be done every day, but you don't have to spend hours at it. Once you start to make a habit of it, and celebrate yourself for each victory, you will find that it gets much easier to hold your focus. Be patient with yourself, give yourself time. Don't expect to master it in days or weeks. For now, just enjoy it like a game. Let it be okay if you don't see progress right away, and you will progress a lot faster.

By the way I'm just reading a nifty book called "Women Who Think Too Much", I think it could be helpful in your case as well.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Green Lights

Not sure, but been having lots of flashes of light. Been seeing orbs, green ones. Maybe I just lack sleep, feels like lightning strikes.


Dear J,

Do you have any pain or discomfort at or around the time of these flashes? If so, it may be possible that the lights are physical/medical in origin, not psychic. Green is an unusual colour, psychic orbs are usually blue or white. I have had "migraine lights" and these are very different from psychic or angelic lights. If it is a very strong light, changes color and slides around your vision in writhing "w" shapes ... that's a migraine light. The pain may come before after or with the light. If it is light sparkles (like the kind you get after rubbing your eyes), chances are more likely that it's something psychic, in this case most likely a spirit who thinks you may associate them with the colour green perhaps? In any case, if there is any discomfort, please don't hesitate to see your doctor.