Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is the value of fear?

Recently in the Living With Your Psychic Gifts discussion group I noticed that the subject of fear was coming up in a few places, and I decided to try an interesting experiment with you. I'd like to give everyone the opportunity to participate through the "Comments" feature of the blog. There are two questions, and I would like everyone to try to contribute at least one unique answer to each of them. If you can't think of something someone else has said, then please let us know which one of the fears you resonate with most strongly.

I decided to use this format so you can remain absolutely anonymous if you wish. I'll go first to give you all an idea where I am headed. All replies will be moderated. Later, I'll address the fears that come up, but for now, just let fly! Get creative. If you aren't afraid, then imagine what someone else might be afraid of, but write it in "I" language.

One: What am I afraid of?

I'm no longer afraid of my psychic experiences, but in the beginning I had a lot of fear.

My biggest fear: I feared that I might be going insane, that I was making it all up or worse.

Two: What do I get out of staying in fear?

I got attention. A lot of people came to my rescue and showed me compassion.

Let's hear from you! Let's make this list as scary as we can!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dutch empath is too sensitive

Lately I’m having troubles with my gifts and I was hoping that you might be able to give me some pointers.

You see, I have been blessed/cursed with a number of gifts and as I grew so did my abilities. However, while I got stronger empathy turned out to be my greatest gift and curse. For example, I’ve had my final exams just now and I nearly passed out from the amount of stress that the other students felt and I kept having a major headache while I was around them.

Another problem is the fact that I transmit a lot of energy leaving me drained and tired before the day is fully over. Some people cling to me for that reason and like leeches they drain my energy so they can make themselves feel better. One girl almost went too far and she drained so much of my energy that she left me feeling empty, hollow and depressed while I am not suffering from any depressions. I don’t really care for taking a swan dive into the pavement because people keep stealing my energy but I can’t fight it. I don’t know how.

I have been warned for the amount of energy and light that is radiating from me but non could offer any help because they weren’t experienced with it.

Could you please give me some advise on how to close and protect myself? I need to learn how to do so before it spins completely out of control for I already often feel like I can’t control my gift. That it is too powerful for me to handle without droning in and losing my own emotions to other peoples emotions. I don’t want to close myself entirely for my gift for I have been helping people with it.

Maybe this problem isn’t as serious as an Ouijabord releasing evil spirits but for me it is a problem nonetheless.

Please excuse me if my English isn’t all that good but I am Dutch… which is also the reason why I can’t find help. Most Dutch people too sober to believe in paranormal gifts such as mine. How can you get help if people don’t believe that you can ‘see dead people?’

Love, R.

First of all your English is excellent. If you are this good at expressing yourself in English, you must be an awesome communicator in Dutch!

Secondly, this is an incredibly important question. It's not as "scary" a question as evil spirits and Ouija boards, true, but far more people out there have this problem, and it goes a lot deeper into the spirit.

Now, to answer your question ... Have you noticed a pattern in how you put yourself down? How you put yourself "second"? Believe it or not, this is a big part of the answer to why you are so sensitive, and resolving it is key to the solution. You see I believe at a deep soul level you decided you "had to" be this sensitive, and belive it or not, you have chosen to allow others to affect you this way.

Five years ago if someone said such a thing to me, I'd have howled objections at them, so I know you are probably sitting back and shaking your head "NO way!" ... "I didn't chose this, is she nuts?" ... but please, bear with me here. I've walked a lot of miles in the same shoes.

Just under five years ago, I attended the LifeStream seminar. I didn't go there because my empathic abilities were running amok (they were, but that was the least of my woes). A friend sent me because I was miserable. I was at my wit's end, and willing to try anything. The class wasn't about psychic ability, it was more basic than that - how to be happier, more confident, have better self-esteem. After I attended the first class, I immediately noticed a boost in my mood, but as the weeks went on (and I attended the advanced class, IPI), I noticed something else. I wasn't "sponging up" other people's emotions anymore!

I haven't changed any of my metaphysical practices, with one exception - I meditate regularly now. If you don't do this, I recommend Ross Quinn's "Centering" CD. Do the exercise twice a day, morning and night. This alone will make a huge difference. If, like most people who write me, you want faster results, I highly recommend you get yourself into a LifeStream class. I can't guarantee you the spectacular results I had, but if you get one tenth of the value out of it that I did (and that I have seen dozens of others get as well), you won't regret going.

If you can't get to a LifeStream class, I highly recommend Ross' book, "Controlling Others for Love and Profit" http://www.globalkeynote.com ("If you believe that, then you better wake up. Controlling others is not the solution - It is the problem."). Don't be thrown off by the title ... it was originally going to be called "The Love-Based Leader". I helped edit the first edition. Get into any classes or seminars you can, get on Ross's mailing list (he's a LifeStream facilitator, and he travels a fair bit, never know when he might be in your area), do everything possible to strengthen your self esteem. Remind yourself daily that you have the right to your own happiness, and that you are responsible for no one's life but your own. Read my book. Do the uncording, grounding and white light exercises, make them part of your psychic hygiene. They will help ... but what really has to happen is you have to learn how to love yourself with as much passion as you love humanity. When that happens, the uncontrolled empathy will simply take care of itself.

As to your friend, she's what we call a psychic vampire. It doesn't make her evil or bad, but it's possible she's seriously depressed. She'd greatly benefit from the LifeStream class as well, but if she's not open to changing herself, then you may have to limit your time with her.