Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What is the value of fear?

Recently in the Living With Your Psychic Gifts discussion group I noticed that the subject of fear was coming up in a few places, and I decided to try an interesting experiment with you. I'd like to give everyone the opportunity to participate through the "Comments" feature of the blog. There are two questions, and I would like everyone to try to contribute at least one unique answer to each of them. If you can't think of something someone else has said, then please let us know which one of the fears you resonate with most strongly.

I decided to use this format so you can remain absolutely anonymous if you wish. I'll go first to give you all an idea where I am headed. All replies will be moderated. Later, I'll address the fears that come up, but for now, just let fly! Get creative. If you aren't afraid, then imagine what someone else might be afraid of, but write it in "I" language.

One: What am I afraid of?

I'm no longer afraid of my psychic experiences, but in the beginning I had a lot of fear.

My biggest fear: I feared that I might be going insane, that I was making it all up or worse.

Two: What do I get out of staying in fear?

I got attention. A lot of people came to my rescue and showed me compassion.

Let's hear from you! Let's make this list as scary as we can!


Anonymous said...

Lately I've been coming to terms with a few things. Really allowing myself to feel what I feel and know that it isn't from me. I feel that I might be an Empath. But I've been raised that it is wrong. I could use some help and guidance.


manda said...

i am scared of the evil. Sounds silly but i have always felt that i attract negative energy. I don't know if i can protect myself or if the others around me will be affected.
I'm scared it's not real and that i'm a little strange that it's all my overactive imagination. Not that i don't believe but i'm not special so why me? and why now? is there a reason that it all seems to be happening now or am i just realising it now? is it even happening at all?

Brandi Jasmine said...

People do sometimes attract negative energy. How? By thinking negative thoughts.

It works something like this ... Say your particular negative thought is that you are not worthy of love, and that people always abandon you. You finally attract a loving partner, but the negative thought form is behind your consciousness, affective everything you say and do, and eventually your partner gets tired of your negativity and dumps you. Self-fulfilling prophecy, nothing psychic or metaphysical about that. All of us do this to some degree, every human being has some repeating negative cycle they do not understand and feel helpless to change.

The first step is to look within. Whatever your particular negative cycle is could give you a clue to what negative thought may be in you. You have to learn to love yourself enough to want to turn this around, and I know you can do that. I did.

As for the "why" questions ... (sigh) ... there is no "why". If you spend too much time asking that question it will make you kookoonuts (that's a technical term eh). Journal your experience, you'll soon find out whether it is real, and how accurate you can be.