Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Can everyone read my mind?

I am 100% sure that everyone can read my mind... I discovered that this was happening after I ate magic mushrooms. I smoke alot of weed. Everyone reacts to my thoughts I was reading minds for a while I could hear everyone's thoughts in my head but that seemed to go away when I didn't smoke weed as much but everyone can still read my mind. I've asked my friends if they can read my mind but they just said no when I would be expecting something like no way you idiot what are you talking about you weird kid etc. If I call someone with my mind they look at me I have even told my dog to stand up and look at me in my head and it stood up and looked at me and gave me a very weird look almost like it was scared then I said sit in my head and it did. When police officers walk by I say in my head "I do cocaine" and they look at me and give me a dirty look. Please tell me what is going on.


Well I know one person who can't read your mind, and that is me. I can't speak for anyone else, but I am pretty sure other people can't read your mind either. The truth is that the best empaths and sensitives are only capable of picking up a general overview of your emotions and feelings, and certain details from your life. Sometimes they also get certain specifics about you or your life ... but nobody can "read your mind", like say Professor Xavier in X-men, for example.

Sometimes we think we know what other people are thinking, and we really don't. Let me share a funny story with you about that. I had just graduated from a personal growth class where one of my big issues was self image. I'm heavy and sometimes I feel unattractive. So if a gentleman makes an unpleasant face at me, I assumed he must be thinking that I am ugly. Just after taking that class, I was getting on a bus, and this fellow is getting off - and he makes a face at me. My first thought was "He must think I'm ugly", and all the work I'd done the week before flew out the window. Right away my spirits crashed. But as he got past me, I heard a funny sound ... the poor man let out a gigantic fart.

Everyone in the bus line chuckled, but for me, the laughter was in relief! He hadn't been thinking about me at all. He was just thinking "I gotta get off this bus before I let one go!"

In the case of the police, chances are you are staring at them, and they are simply staring back. It's your body language they are reading, not your mind. In the case of your dog and calling people, you may have some psychic talent - I would be careful how you use that. It's not good karma to make other people do what you want mentally, even in small matters.

If these feelings persist, you should share them with your family or your doctor, especially if you begin to have strongly negative feelings about other people's thoughts and intentions. I don't have any direct personal experience with mushrooms, but my understanding is they lower the barriers between our world and the psychic world, they do facilitate mystical experiences, but temporary paranoia is a not-uncommon side effect. Even though I believe marijuana is harmless and can have some beneficial uses, I recommend that all psychics and sensitives avoid drugs altogether. I believe they could be the real cause of most of what is troubling you right now.