Thursday, March 22, 2007

Be careful what you wish for

For a long time i believed i never had a gift. my nan, aunty, mum and sister all do. but i never showed any signs. I wished and wished for something to happen and now it has i cant control it. it started with a dream. i had spent the whole evening wishing that i could be "special" to, when i fell into a very deep sleep i dreamed that my nan who has been dead for 9 years now came and told me i had a gift i was shutting it out because i was afraid of what it ment. and that when i woke my life would never be the same again. now all i see is reflections of people i dont no. but yet when i turn no one is there. ill be sat in my bedroom when i will go cold and my body starts to tingle. now ive got the gift i dont no what to do with it i dont no what these poeple want. did i make a big mistake by wishing for something i cant handle. is my nan punishing me for wanting more than
what i already had. please help me.


Dear k,

There are quite a few people I think have indeed asked for something they weren't ready for where it comes to psychic abilities, but I don't know if that is the case for you. Your gift might have developed exactly as it has, regardless. The women in your family have the gift, it runs in families, chances are good that you would have developed it anyway. What happened in the past isn’t important. You can't change that, so there is no point in worrying about it. What matters is, what are you going to do with it now?

I think you are a bit nervous because you are realizing now that with power comes responsibility. But what you may have overlooked is that the first responsibility is for yourself. It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants you to do. What matters is what you really want to do. I noticed something in your email – often when you refer to yourself as “I” you use a lowercase “i”. Why are you trying to make yourself small? Think about that for a while, it may be related to the confusion you are feeling right now.

One thing I am pretty sure of, and that is I don’t think your nan is punishing you. In fact, I'm sure she just loves you and she’s just trying to help you with this – her words right true, don’t they? You asked for this, and now you are trying to shut it off. Your trying to shut it off is what is causing the problem. So the solution is to find a way to positively express this gift you asked for. Start keeping a journal. Do the daily “grounding” and “white light” exercises. You are so blessed to have others in your family who have the gift, learn what you can from the women in your family who share the gift. Learn what you can from the library, from web sites like

As for the visions you are having of strange people, don’t assume they necessarily have a huge amount of importance just yet. You are in the early stages of learning about your abilities, and the worst thing beginners do to themselves is to blow these experiences out of proportion. I did that at first, and now I know that I scared myself for no reason whatsoever. Most psychic experiences are ordinary, mundane experiences. It’s just another way of communicating, it’s only that in our culture people don’t talk about it openly. I wager that most of the people you are seeing are people who have passed on who are looking for mediums to talk to. Have you ever seen the movie “Ghost”? The Patrick Swayze character was wandering around after he died, trying to find someone to tell his lady how much he loved her. Most of the time when I see spirits, it’s something similar. Tell them you want your space, that they are only to contact you when you are ready for it. Tell them to go into the light, to pray for guidance, or to find someone else with more experience than you, until you are comfortable enough with your gifts to be able to discern their intentions and find the right way to help them.

Once you realize that this is nothing to be worried about, it will just become something you take for granted. You might decide to become a professional psychic, but you could also decide to become a highly intuitive doctor or lawyer instead. It doesn’t matter what anyone else wants you to do with this gift, it is yours to play with. Follow your heart.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My sister is tortured by evil demons.

My sister is tortured by evil demons. How can I help her or how can she herself get rid of them? It has been going on for years. Doctors have diagnosed her w/ all different things. She thinks she has schizophrenia and multiple personalities. Here are a few things I have seen. I have seen her as herself, I have seen her at times where a "black shadow" crosses over her and she begins talking about horrifying things to scare/ depress herself and people around her. She never leaves her house. She is not able to take care of herself - shower, dress. She absolutely hated my Christian pictures at my house-- sacred heart, last supper..bad things happen when she is around-- my daughter's dog got hit by a car when she was at my apartment, I have lost many things financially and personally. It is like grieving one death after the next. Her husband has not left her, but he has become an alcoholic. Her son never leaves the house and has dropped out of high school w/ one year left to graduate. It is what is inside of her that is affecting everyone and she does not see it. I don't know how to approach her on it but, I have to sooner or later because I will not have her inside of my house. She needs to know. Also, since it has been years and lots of doctors and she is just getting worse. The doctors prescribe meds and she does not take them right and also when she does take them, she drinks alcohol w/ it and she has taken up chain smoking 3-4 packs/day. I think it may have been ouija board, tarot cards when she was a teen. Also, she had neighbors (25 yr ago) that were involved with some type of devil worship. She is not a spiritual person. I have seen her change within seconds -- her whole face and then she is all gloom and doom -- the sky is falling kind of thing. I have recently found a medal of St Benedict. I think that may have been an enlightenment or confirmation of what I believed to be going on. If it were a medical thing, then she should have been getting better over the years, but she is getting worse by the day. I think her husband is planning on leaving her so she has to get herself together quick. I don't think that I can help her since I am her sister, and I don't know how to tell her that she needs spiritual help-- she will most likely think I'm crazy. Any thoughts??


Dear V:

I'm not a doctor, and I share some of your doubts about the medical establishment, but I do have some familiarity with schizophrenia. I have a second cousin who suffers from it, and have had encounters with others during the time I did psychic readings. It can get worse over time, in fact, that is common. It can be treated but there is no cure. It will get worse for certain if she does not stay on her medication, and most of the meds have really awful side effects, many schizophrenics can't handle them.

As a psychic, I believe that schizophrenia can be both a medical and a spiritual problem at the same time, the "causes" are not necessarily mutually exclusive. I believe that schizophrenia can, and often is, a sign of a torn or broken aura. Most schizophrenics are incredibly psychic when they are lucid (and sometimes more so when they are not). There are some doctors who are beginning to believe that some of the visions schizophrenics have may have a basis in reality, or that they tap into the dream space in a waking state. They just can't "shut down" and stay grounded. If this is her problem, she isn't going to get herself together "quick". She will need all the support she can get, but she may not make that easy for you. You could try talking to her doctor(s) - they will not share any confidential information with you about her, but they may be able to offer you some advice for dealing with her. If you can't do that, speak to your own doctor. Get more information on this side of it.

I do feel negative entities can be attracted by Ouija boards, but I have seen no evidence of that with Tarot. I've used them myself for over 20 years with no negative effects. I have report after report of negative experiences with Ouija, though. I think the reason for this is that Ouija is designed specifically to invite comment from spirits, where that is not the case for Tarot. It's a bad idea to play with Ouija - we would never think of inviting strangers into our homes, but that is exactly what the Ouija does on the spiritual level. No wonder there are so many horror stories. At the same time though, it is rare that negative entities hang around long if everything else is well. If there is a negative spirit around her, it's not about these tools, or her exposure to negative neighbors, it is about choice. If it is true that she is possessed, then on some level she let this in, and she is going to have to be the one to decide she wants to overcome it.

That's also true if the problem is medical. Either way, she is a grown woman, and her negativity is destroying her life and her family. I am certain that you are right about one thing here: She needs to know how you feel about this. The question is, how do you approach her? Have you spoken to her husband? Other family members? Can there be a loving intervention where everyone encourages her to get some help? The same concern can be expressed without quite as much risk of a counter-productive reaction if you leave your religious suspicions out of the conversation. Just tell her that her mood swings and negativity are affecting her relationships, and that you are worried about that.

Use "I" language: "When I am worried all the time how other people will react, when I am constantly treading on eggshells, when I cannot be sure from one moment to the next how someone will react, I feel fearful and unsafe. When someone around me is always negative, that brings me down. I feel that this negativity is affecting many areas of our lives. I'm afraid you may lose the people who love you the most." Use your own language, but try to be specific about how you are affected by her behavior. Don't focus on the behavior itself. That will come across as blaming and shaming, no matter how sincere your faith and love for her.

As for your religious concerns, I recommend you speak to a priest. The Church is very careful of confirming demonic possession, I understand it is actually a very rare thing that they do exorcisms, and I have not heard of one done on someone without their willing participation. He may have ideas in addition to mine, but I suspect he may say that until she is open to receive help, the most you can do is pray to God for healing for her, and strength for yourself. I do not encourage people to pray for specific outcomes, such as "Please God, drive the evil spirits from my sister" ... why? I sometimes tell the story of one case where my mother was praying for me to go back to church, and I ended up with awful nightmares and headaches. Things got a lot worse until I figured out what she was doing, and asked her instead to pray that "God's will be done". Things changed for the better immediately. I have had other experiences that have taught me to always ask before I pray for others for a specific outcome. Whether it is prayer, meditation, healing or visualization, we should do nothing for others without their express permission. As hard as that may be to hear, as much as your heart is in the right place, it isn't right to put your will over hers.

If you are not sure how she will react, if there is a chance of reaching her, and you still want to raise it with her, you might get better results from her by "asking" instead of "telling" ... "Do you ever wonder if there might be a spiritual component to this? What are your beliefs? How can I help you? Do you mind if I pray for you?" ... gently ask her to share her experiences and beliefs and listen to her without judgment. What she tells you will be a guide to ways you might open up a dialog. If you tell her blunt outright that you believe she is possessed, you might drive her away at best, at worst, if she is schizophrenic, you could trigger symptoms she is not showing (you said nothing about demonic voices telling her to do bad things, for example).

What you can do for sure is be a loving example to her while you also protect yourself and your family. Since your faith is important to you, I would start with prayer. Pray for God's strength and guidance. Ask for angels to protect you and your family. Light white candles. If you are Catholic, you should be able to get some holy water from your church - sprinkle it around the house in a counter-clockwise circle, and command any negative entities to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Salt will also work (I'd do both). After you do this, do a prayer of gratitude for the protection you will be sent. Light a candle and walk around the house clockwise as you ask God to send in a spirit of peace and love to fill your home (never just cast things out - don't leave an empty space for them to come back to). After you do this, after any visit or call from her, and whenever you fear that something negative is around, command it to leave, and immediately focus on something loving and positive. Negative entities feed off fear. Show them love, they will run from that.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Turning Psychic Abilities Back On?

I need help. I have been told through all my life that I block my gifts and that this is the reason for all of my problems. I sometimes feel like I am going crazy! I pray hard on it and I had a dream that said this last night "he is a fool who has gifts and ignores them for he will never be where he should be in life." My problem is, I have NO IDEA how to turn them back on! Can you help me?


Dear P,

Wow, that is awesome! That is some of the wisest and deepest advice I have heard come out of a dream. You are so blessed! I love when I have an answer come that clearly in a dream. I would start with an expression of gratitude for your guide, angel or higher self, whomever sent you this amazing gift of love. The Law of Attraction says that gratitude is a huge factor in getting more of what you want, and I want more wisdom like that, don’t you?

The greatness of that gift is also evidence that you haven’t turned off your spiritual gifts altogether. The truth is that nobody ever really does, even those of my readers who most desperately want to. The best we can truly achieve is to stop fearing it, to accept it … or to ignore it. Even when we can do that, it’s like putting a kink in a garden hose … eventually that energy starts leaking out, and sooner or later something will burst into a watery, emotional mess.

I have done the same thing you did. And for a while, I really felt like I had shut it off, but the ironic thing was once I got to that spot, I felt lost without it. After attending The QuinnTessential Experience though, I reconnected with my intuition, and my spiritual and creative gifts have been stronger than ever. The people I normally connect with, I seem connected to in deeper, more intimate ways. Those I did not connect with before, or who were harmful in my psychic space, no longer have much effect on me. The QuinnTessential Experience class isn’t aimed at psychics, it is a personal growth seminar, but what I learned there was more helpful to my psychic growth than any of the psychic lessons or mentors I have had. If you can’t get to that class, one of their facilitators James Roswell Quinn has written a book (first edition edited by yours truly - don't be thrown by the title ), and any of the teachers of "The Secret" and might offer some value (though their classes are pricey). What I know now was that the trouble wasn’t that my psychic gift was out of whack … my attitude was. Once I discovered I had a choice how I react to things, so many other things fell into place on their own, including my relationship to my psychic abilities.

My book is called "Living With Your Psychic Gifts" and not "Turning Off Your Psychic Gifts" for a reason. Really what I have been advising people to do is not to block their gifts entirely, because, as you have learned, that isn’t healthy either, but to bring themselves into balance and acceptance with it. Still, the focus has been on "turning things down". That’s why I am working on a follow-up book. I finally have a new title, thanks to my friend Chris Cuciurean, called "Listening to Your Intuition". I hope you will subscribe to the blog or my mailing list, so you will learn of it when it comes out. In the meantime, the key is to start listening. Start paying attention. Don't set any immediate goals - just watch what happens. And ironically, for the most part, my advice for you is not all that different from the advice I give to people who are trying to block their gifts. The two most important are: Meditate daily, and keep a journal of your experiences – especially of your dreams.