Thursday, March 12, 2009

More on Curses

I am a Ugandan born minister but ministering in Bungoma-Kenya. My main call in the the ministry is prophetic and I surely deal with curses. Please I want to get more on this.


Hi F,

In my experience with curses, the main mechanism of transfer is fear. Sometimes the person who thinks they are cursed has experienced something negative, fears it will happen again, and starts looking around for a reason why that happened. They may assume they have been cursed when in reality, either their own reactions have brought on their troubles, or sometimes they have simply had some bad luck. Other times, there is someone out to get them, and in many different cultures there are different rituals people can do, but again, the mechanism that is most effective is to simply tell the victim they are cursed (or drop some hints about it that they are sure to catch), and let their own fears take over.

I firmly believe that no one can curse someone who is walking in the Light. If I am firm and confident in my faith, I raise my energy to the point where their negativity simply can't reach me. We need to convince people that the most effective thing they can do to avoid or change a curse is to be happy, joyful and courageous. It's possible that through their faith in you or me that people could have their curses lifted for a time. If we do some kind of ritual, this could boost their confidence. If they have faith in our abilities, then maybe the curse can be lifted. But all we are doing is handing over a temporary fix. The next time bad times come along, they will come running to us for relief.

Personally, I feel it is important that people take responsibility for their own happiness, and I choose to empower them by insisting that they can take care of curses on their own. Everything that you can do to empower people to have self-confidence and courage will not only lift their curses, but will bring more joy into their lives and the lives of their loved ones, and I strongly believe that's what life is all about.


Brandi Jasmine

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All of my life I have experienced visions

All of my life I have experienced visions, most of which became eerily true. A couple years ago I started seeing and hearing ghost like images that follow people and some are hanging on or just touching the host. Recently I've concluded that there must be a purpose for my sight and started to investigate it. could you please give me your take on this. I would really appreciate it..thank you


Dear SL,

I absolutely agree you will greatly benefit from investigating your gifts. The question you may want to ask yourself is "How may I be of service?" I guarantee the answer of that question will be rewarding beyond your wildest dreams.

Of course I recommend my book, but I also recommend you join our discussion group, and see what psychic books are available in the Library. Read, study, and journal everything you possibly can. You may find it a pain now but ten years from now it will be worth its weight in gold.