Thursday, February 24, 2005

Psychic "curse" scam warning

I have noticed a distressing number of stories coming through lately about the tired old "psychic curse" scam, and figured it was time for another warning. I find it incredible that people still fall for this horrible scam, but I guess some folks are trusting and desperate, and it is awfully tempting to think you can buy a magical way out of your troubles. Unfortunately the only thing you buy with these scams is more trouble.

The latest story I posted to Psychic News involves a woman who was told that she needed to bring a so-called "psychic" $5,000 to have it cleansed of a "curse". Of course the "psychic" disappeared with her money.

If any "psychic" speaks to you of "curses", and offers to remove them for a huge fee, or suggests you "loan" then money to have it "psychically cleaned", grab your pocketbook and head for an exit. I would tell such a person that I don’t believe in curses, but I do know a scam when I hear one. If I had not yet paid, I would not offer to, I would just leave. These individuals are not psychics, they have no magical powers, or they would not have to resort to fraud to suppliment their incomes.

If you are at a psychic fair, and something like this happens to you, report the incident to the fair management. In most big psychic fairs you will be refunded any money paid, and the reader will be fined or expelled. The promoter has an interest in running a "clean" psychic fair, and will want to know if anyone is "scamming" this way. It is fraud (it is often called "bunko"), and it’s against the law. "Curses" are nothing but a prelude to an escalating series of demands by the reader who will charge to remove them. Of course the curse is purely imaginary, but a client’s life can become a living hell if you choose to believe in one.

One psychic told me a story of a local client who went to a reader who convinced her that her problems with romance were caused by a "curse on her love life". Years ago, a national TV talk show exposed such scams, complete with magic tricks to show the client how "evil the curse was". There would be a hairball inside an unbroken egg to prove a client was cursed. As silly as this image seems, two of the clients taken for a $10,000 ride were well-educated urban professionals. In a vulnerable, highly emotional state, it can be easy to convince even educated professionals that they have been "cursed".

When the client ran out of money, the psychic suggested that she be allowed to use her Visa card to pay for her "services". This woman was not "cursed" at all. When helped to see that her problems with relationships reflected a co-dependency problem, I am sure she began the road to recovery. Deep issues like co-dependency or adult child difficulties cannot be cured by a magic wave or gesture. A serious person must seek out competent help, and be willing to work things through.

There are other scams, "blessed" candles that sell for outrageous amounts of money (anything over $30 unless the candle is huge, or is an art-piece), "exorcisms" and other questionable practices. Many practices that I might consider fraudulent at worst, or useless at best, are held in high esteem by some of my colleagues, but you can bless your own candles, and you should learn how to clear the energy in your home yourself. If you feel that you need these services, try to find them on a donation basis, or at a reasonable fee. I would want to pay a psychic for her time, and I would judge how much time it takes to "clear" a space, and pay her at the same rate as her readings. If you wish to pay more out of the goodness of your heart or gratitude that is one thing - if you feel you have to because you are afraid she will "curse" you, that is something different altogether.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

LWYPG gets its own domain!

Living With Your Psychic Gifts has moved to its own domain at This is more than just a cosmetic change. I'm planning to add a lot of new content over the next few weeks, including several new articles and an expanded FAQ. Over time, there will be additional books, eBooks and sections of psychic abilities and psychic protection, including sections on how to enhance and improve your intuition.

If your club or organization is looking for an experienced speaker to address your group, please contact me on the forms at

Letter from a reader

Dear Brandi:

I was shot at the age of 12 in the right chest at 4-foot range with a 4/10 gauge shotgun because a 17 year old wanted something from this 12 year old I was not prepared to give. I never once lost consciousness or went into shock, which amazed everyone, and still remember everything in perfect detail. The last thing I remember was the nurse putting a mask over my face and telling me to count backwards from 10.

I felt like I was walking backwards with my eyes closed and then it felt like I bumped into a wall with my back. I opened my eyes to a bright (although strangely not blinding) white, misty light that covered everything. Slowly the mist started to move away and I saw myself lying on the OR table. It looked like I was many, many stories high and looking down on myself. I saw them working on me and then I noticed I heard (but not with my ears, more like with my spirit) something like singing or voices speaking but I couldn't make out any words. It was all around me.

At this point I turned around and that's when I saw "the tunnel". It was sucking the light and mist into it at what appeared to be warp speed. I had a feeling of total peace all throughout this experience. As I started toward the tunnel I was told "NO" by a voice. Strange thing is that it was neither male nor female but it held an enormous amount of authority! Then I asked it "Why can't I come home?" I was promptly told "You can not come home yet." I then felt compelled to turn and look back at my body again and that's when I saw them bringing that paddle machine over to me. When they hit me the third time I awoke in ICU.

My parents were told by the doctor that I had died, I was what they call "sheet-faced" and he took a chance by hitting me with the paddles a third time. He admitted to not being a really religious man but he said he felt he was being told not to quit, so he didn't. I was expected to be in the hospital for at least 2 months but was home in 10 days. I was called a "miracle child" on TV and in the papers. I would not trade that experience for anything in the world. A lot of things have been happening to me since though. Before that, I was able to see, smell and feel spirits. I grew up in a haunted house. Since I have had the near death experience I seem to have several psychic gifts as well. I am empathic, I still have all the abilities with spirits, only stronger now, and I have dreams that come true very often. I can also seem to sense other peoples spirits (what kind of person they are) as well. I think the Bible refers to this as the gift called "Deciphering of Spirits".


Dear KF:

The experience you had is not really all that uncommon, believe it or not. If you haven't already done so, you should check out Raymond Moody’s "Life After Life".

The ability to "read people" is called "The Gift of Discernment" ... "Deciphering of Spirits" is the ability to see the spirits of the departed.

You describe your incredible and fascinating experience with great detail - but you didn't come out and actually ask something. Having to take a guess based on other people's questions and my own intuition, the questions that are most likely are "Why me?" and "What is this purpose I am supposed to fulfill?"

I can't answer those questions. The whole point is for you to figure that out yourself. I firmly believe that for many, if not most of us, life is a quest to find "Meaning". We're all raised to believe it's innate, but it isn't always that way. For the majority, life has no meaning until we imbue it with meaning. We decide at some key point, "This is the thing I shall do to make a difference in my life and in the lives of others."

As for "Why did this happen to me?" ... sometimes there is just no answer to that question. Learning to live without knowing is challenging, but releasing the need to know may be important if you want to move on to the next step in your life.