Saturday, October 13, 2007

Little Star Lights


I keep seeing little star lights out the corner of my eyes and then they are gone. What are they I also see like white mist sometimes.

Love Janet

Dear Janet,

Well, first things first, the practical stuff ... have you had this checked out with your doctor or eye doctor? What you describe here are common symptoms of migraine and eye problems, and you need to have these ruled out first. If you see your doctor, there is no problem with your eyesight, and you are not having severe headaches, then most likely these lights are the attempt of your guides or angels to catch your attention. Sometimes these little "twinkle-stars" are a spirit's way of saying "I'm here, and you are not paying attention!" I sometimes get white sparkles, and sometimes blue. I think the blue ones are angels, the white ones are more likely human spirits. If there are no emotional sensations one way or other, I would not be concerned about them.

Whenever I get these kinds of things, I stop what I am doing (if practical), and meditate for a while. Sometimes I do get important insights during these times, and sometimes I don't, but I always thank whoever is saying "Hello" for dropping in.