Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vision of Terrorist Attack in China

Last night I had a lot of interesting dreams ... one thing stood out. I had a highly realistic vision in the middle of one dream that the Chinese Olympic Stadium was in flames. It was absolutely horrific, and I felt a lot like 9-11 deja vu with it. Hundreds of people if not thousands were hurt and killed. The entire stadium was burning like a torch.

I don't know if this is a vision of the future or a symbolic reflection of something else. It could be a metaphor of some kind for the earthquake they recently experienced, but the details were quite specific.

I have a profound feeling of foreboding for future events in China right now, in particular for the Olympic Games. Normally I do not post "predictions" on my blog, because I don't get many visions of this type, and I tend to stay focused on the now. This particular image though was very strong and I wanted to make a public record of it. This is one vision I certainly hope does not come to pass.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Depression or psychic abilities?

I've always had encounters but through the years I've been diagnosed with bi polar depression a sleeping disorder when I read your summary on the first page a lot of it made sense and I really just want answers. I mean I don't know what to do. I know I'm not depressed or bi polar but I cant really sleep that much and when I do I feel terrible or have terrible nightmares so if you could please get back to me I would greatly appreciate it.


Dear C,

You mention your challenges right now but you haven't really mentioned anything psychic going on. What sort of psychic symptoms do you have? Do the dreams or nightmares (heaven forbid) come true?

Remember that while you may be psychic, that does not mean you are not also depressed or bipolar. People with bipolar are among the most sensitive psychics I know. Bipolar disorder seems to come along with great psychic and creative talent. There is no shame in being depressed, either. I was depressed for over 30 years of my life before I found a class that helped me change things for the better. I too have sleeping disorders - more than one! And they can contribute to depression.

I have to make the obligatory disclaimers first before I tell you anything about being psychic: Listen to your parents and doctor. Don't go off any medications.

Now that that's out of the way ... the next step for you is to learn some sort of grounding mediation. See the meditations on the Living With Your Psychic Gifts web page. Do these exercises twice a day, in addition to whatever medical treatments you are taking. It will take a while for the meditations to make a difference.

Look for books by Caroline Myss - my favorite is "Why People Don't Heal". I recommend an amazing book by James Roswell Quinn called "Controlling Others for Love and Profit" ("If you believe that, then you better wake up. Controlling others is not the solution - It is the problem."). Don't be thrown off by the title ... it was originally going to be called "The Love-Based Leader". I edited the first edition. If you want faster results, I often recommend a class to people who approach me as you have - the cost may seem prohibitive, but for me, it completely changed my life, and was worth a thousand times what it cost. If your parents like the idea, contact these people: and ask them when the next "Basic" is being held. The class is not about psychic development - it's a "life skills" class, all the things they should teach you in school, but don't.