Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Phobia may come from past life

I have been afraid of the dark for as long as I can remember. It began when I was just 3 years old and still continues to this day. I have asked my family if there was anything traumatic that occurred and no one can think of a thing except that I have always had this terror of going to sleep in the dark. I am rather Psychic and that does not bother me. I would just love an answer to this problem I have had all of my life and I wonder just what is the root cause.

I will elaborate a bit on the terror, I never knew where it came from but I knew that when I would go to bed in my room and the lights would go out, I would cover my head sure someone or something was in the room with me. My parents finally aloud a nightlight and when I was older, I slept with the TV on. I was just so afraid, terrorized and wanted someone to be in the room with me. The only common nightmare that I have had since I was very small was of a house, I see it vividly and it DOES has a pond in the back of it. I felt more like a parent in this dream, and just knew someone had drowned in that pond. As for past life's, I was born in 1968 and I am almost positive that my last life, if past lives are true, was as a soldier in Vietnam. I remember the smells, the sounds, the weight of my rifle, all of it. Then, I remember being shot and killed. I was nothing special, no hero, just an ordinary soldier. This was something I feel in my gut and since I am a female and was just a baby when Vietnam was ending, there is no way I could have known any of the things that are so real to me. I have always known that I had psychic powers of some type, I am not sure what to call it, it really is not typical. I have always known and read feelings and what is going on with others. I can feel others pain, this is only odd because I can literally FEEL their pain. To me, it is a very hot spot on their body. The other thing I have always known is when people were going to die. I know when my own death will be and how. It is not scary, it is just a normal part of life to me. I do not know if I really do believe in past lives or if it is just seeing things that happened before. I am open and interested in other views, simply because nothing I try makes sense.


The first impression I get, and it is rather strong, is of you being stuck down a well. It is possible that this is a metaphor for something that happened to you in this life that your family is either not aware of, or chooses not to tell you, but my strongest suspicion is that this is an affect of a past-life memory. There is a sensation of water, or at least dampness, and a lot of metal around you as well. Do you have any dreams or impressions of scenes like that? If so, I was just listening to Dr. Brian Weiss on Coast to Coast last night, and on his website you may be able to find a therapist who can hypnotically regress you so that you can retrieve more of the detail.

Psychiatrists say that this kind of phobia can be related to sexual abuse in childhood. But if there are no indicators of this whatsoever, I think the best route of attack is to try hypnotic regression. I have a feeling that will be where your answer lies. I could say firmly that I believe that it is a past life - but that will not make an impact on the problem until you feel it in your own heart. Dr. Weiss is one of the most respected practitioners in the field, I would get a referral from him and check it out.

As for your psychic abilities, it seems to me you are both a healer and an empath. Different abilities can combine like this, it isn't uncommon. The heat you feel is the movement of the healing force through you. Let it happen! Set an intention that you will heal them, see positive white or rainbow energy flowing from you into them. Read Hands of Light and other healing books. The world needs more healers!