Monday, January 28, 2008

I really don't what to do

Dear Brandi,

I'm 15, and I'm not sure what going on with me. I think I may be psychic but I'm not sure. I started noticing this bizarre change 2 years ago, when I was working in my Mom's store. I would sometimes fall asleep and then when I'd wake up the lights were off, the door was locked, and the sign was turned around. Then sometimes I would see thing out of the corner my eye, like a person, but then I'd would turn to look and it or she or he was gone. Other time I would hear something, a voice, someone fiddling through merchandise, but every time I'd to see what was up or answer no one was there.

One day when I was working with a friend of mine, I was able to pin point where they were. I was able to see the building we were in before I was working in there and I saw 3 or four boys standing against the back wall. She heard them as well, and we also were able to feel them. One of the tables actually moved or shock. Also we kept placing things on the table and going back to get them only to find that somebody or thing moved them.

She asked me if anyone else in my family could do and I know my mom has had experience with demons and ghost, as well she can tell just by looking at an animal if something wrong and 9 times out of 10 she's right. Then was another time around the same time I was working at the store, and something bad happened to me at school, but before it happen I got this really bad feeling in my stomach and I just felt like I want to leave, to lay down, and I got really nervous and anxious, before it happened. Also I still get that feeling every now and then only every time it seems to get worse and I really would like to know how to maybe stop, not completely but to where I can function, and not feel so I don't know sick.

I don't dream and when I do it's very rare, and lately I've been looking for something and then I would go to bed I'd wake up from a dream in that dream I would find it was I was looking for, and then I would go look for and it wasn't in the exact spot it was in my dream but was within a foot of where I found it in the dream. I really don't what to do, I just don't how to process this and really just kinda want it to stop, or not feel so weird, and maybe feel more normal if at all possible?


Dear N,

It sounds to me like the gift runs in your family. What does your Mom say about it? Can you talk to her about your experiences? Sometimes being able to talk to others is all the comfort we need to realize that we're not crazy or really all that different. "Normal" is really just a cycle on the washing machine - it's not a real state of being human. Everyone is someone else's weirdo. What makes you different is what makes you wonderful, in my opinion. If other people won't accept you for who you truly are, then there is something wrong with them not with you. I know none of that is much comfort right now, but one day you'll wake up like I did and realize the truth in this: you can't be anyone but who you are.

As for stopping the psychic stuff, you can slow it down somewhat sure. You might be able to stop it altogether in some cases, but that may have the side effect of damaging you emotionally and physically. It may cut off your creativity. What you really need to do is accept it. Your dream abilities are helpful to you ... why would you not want to have that advantage?

It also sounds to me like there is a ghost in your Mom's store. My advice would be to befriend the spirit. When you are alone there, or together with your Mom, if she is open to the idea, sit down and have a chat with your spectral friend. Tell him or her (or them, there may be more than one) that they are dead, and the dead don't go shopping.

Seriously! ... I really mean that. As silly as it may sound, most ghosts simply don't realize that they are dead. Most of them don't want to cause a disturbance. They just don't know how to move on. Tell them they are dead and to move on into the light. Picture a vortex of light outside the shop where they can go to contact their loved ones and angelic guides. Wish them well on their way. The more comfortable you get with this stuff, the less this sort of thing will bother you.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Glynis McCants, the Numbers Lady, On C2C

I always enjoy listening to Glynis McCants, the Numbers Lady, when she comes on Coast to Coast. She's so positive and upbeat, it's easy to listen to her. No doom and gloom, like so many of George's other "predictive" guests. Of all the numerologists I have listened to, or whose work I have read, I like her the best, because she makes things sound so simple and straightforward, but when you listen to her, there is actually a lot of detail in the readings she offers. She doesn't pull any punches though, you can count on her to say what she thinks, what she's sure about, and what she's not so sure about. And her style is more one of forecasting rather than prediction, which I respect. I've studied numerology for a few years, but listening to her, I wonder if I will every grasp it as clearly. One day I want a reading from this lady.

According to Glynis McCants:

2008 is a "1" year. Clearing your space for new beginnings. The year of winning, competition, ambition, goal setting and high energy. Much focus on global warming. This will not be a peaceful time.

Bush, a 6, went into personal year of 5. Feels toxic, out of control, do things they regret. Britney Spears has the same number, and imploded under her 5 year. Bush may be overly impulsive and agressive, and that is highly dangerous in a year 1.

In the election at this point in time, she cannot predict clear winners, but claims she has predicted the past 5 elections accurately once the nominations are finalized.

Clintons are very tight, intellectual relationship, he would enjoy being "first man". Both are in a personal year one, a team effort. In Hillary's case, a 3 life path, 8 day birth, appears cold and aloof. It's a personal one year, the interview where she nearly came to tears was a turning point. She's in the race for her life though, it won't be easy for her. McCants picks Clinton as the winner on the Democratic side, she'd like to see her with Obama.

Edwards is a 7 life path. This is a personal 8 year, learning the hard way. Learning the hard way. He could lose a lot of money.

Obama is a 2 life path in a 4 year year. It's all about learning as he goes. Cycle 4 is not compatible with a 1, but works with his life path.

Guiliani is a 6 life path. Does well in a crisis. He is in a cycle of 7, could come off as pompous.

Huckabee, 7 born on a 6 day, may come across as confused and unsure.

McCain was born on a 2 day, life path 2, and personal year 2, this is his year. He has a 1 attitude, he knows how to win. McCain is the strongest Republican pick, but the Republican field is more chaotic than the Democrats. She can see Guiliani and McCain if the field doesn't change, but this was not a firm prediction.

Romney 3 day, 9 lifepath, good communicator, his cycle of 7 is toxic.

Thompson 7 in a personal year of 1, it could get stronger for him, but maybe not the winner.

Duncan Hunter, don't count him out. He is a double 4, knows what he's talking about.

Ron Paul can take votes from others, with several ones in his chart. He could go third party if he does not win. He will find a way to make others support him.

2012 is a whole year 5, a time of new beginnings. She does not foresee disaster.

McCants' book, "Glynis Has Your Number" is well-written, entertaining and easy to read. It's one of the better books for the new student of numerology. I started out with Eileen Connolly's epic tome, The Connolly Book of Numbers, which I have read more times than I can count, and I am still trying to figure out in places. By contrast, "Glynis Has Your Number" is far more up to date. She has simplified and structured a numerological system that almost anyone can come to master.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Yahoo Group For LWYPG Readers

I invite you to join my new Yahoo Group, Living With Your Psychic Gifts. Do you have unexplained headaches, dizzy spells, sleeping disorders, mood swings? Have you suffered from depression? Do you see flashes of light? Are you anxious in crowded places? Have you had strange visions, or unexplained psychic experiences? Would you like to "Just shut it all off" and "Make it go away"?

Have you had psychic experiences? Precognitive dreams? Do you see spirits? Would you like to enhance your psychic ability and start listening to your intuition?

The Living With Your Psychic Gifts discussion group is dedicated to exploring your psychic potential, whether you are looking to turn the volume up, or turn the volume down. We are open to all different kinds of psychics and psychic experiences, and will explore many different kinds of consciousness experience, including trance, dreams, Law of Attraction and creation through intention. This group will be moderated to reduce spam and abuse. Please sign up here:

Friday, January 04, 2008

I don't get it

I don't get it. I'm sorry, how can you call "more fires" a prediction? That's like saying "another earthquake in California" that shows nothing but she's paying attention to history. And when she was on Coast making these predictions didn't she say fires in California AND the midwest? I don't recall huge fires in Michigan.

I want to be blown away...tell me when the next earthquake will hit in Maine. When will fires sweep across the everglades? I want to know when there will be a shark attack on the coast of Lake Erie. Tell me something unexpected and I will admit psychic ability.

From Comments, Anonymous

I don't recall Evelyn Paglini's exact words. The gist of it was "much worse than usual", and much of the reporting was along the line of "worst fires in history" ... so I'm willing to give her a hit on that one. I don't see that it is necessary for her to get every prediction correct to be given credit for the ones she does get right. You're right a couple of them seem obvious. They weren't all obvious, nor were all the details necessarily obvious. You didn't seem to take notice of her hit on the stock market correction ... or some of the other big misses.

From the way you talk, I don't think you'd settle for "something unexpected" ... you want everything to be something unexpected, and they all have to be hits before you'll admit psychic ability. Well that isn't what is being claimed by predictive psychics, not even close. It doesn't work that way. They all admit a range of error. None of them claim to be omniscient. Clearly that is not the case, or there would be no argument, would there?

If physicians and psychiatrists were judged the way certain skeptics want to judge psychics, we would have no medical profession. We sure as heck wouldn't have any pharmaceuticals (whether that might be a good idea or not, given the abominable tragedies in that business of late, must be argued elsewhere). We don't expect 100% efficacy and accuracy from the medical sciences. Why do some expect that level of exactitude from media psychics, whose work is arguably far less critical to our well being?

I've made my own position on these predictions clear ... they are for entertainment only, nobody should take them seriously. In fact, I started tracking them from the perspective as a truly skeptical observer. I'm told the word skeptic comes from Greek skeptikos "look about, consider, observe". I noticed that the media darlings of the psychic world didn't have anyone truly tracking their predictions. And they were far more negative and apocalyptic than I felt was either likely to be accurate, or ultimately healthy. So I decided to have a closer look at them. It's fun, entertaining, and hopefully people read past them to what really matters here. I hope people will have another look at what lies behind the predictions of their favorite psychics. That doesn't mean I don't think they each have some measure of talent. I just want to see where it shakes out, and it makes interesting reading.

When I look at the future, I'm forecasting, not predicting. I make it clear that subsequent events can (and often do) alter outcomes. That's the point of looking forward. Can I go to a better position than I might have reached if I hadn't stopped and had that forecast? What can I change? So like most working psychics (as opposed to some of the media darlings), I'm not in it to "blow you away" (though I have occasionally been known to do that). If you were one of my clients, that would be your job! You're supposed to blow me away. You're the one who does the hard work of bringing your potential into the world. All I can see is your potential. I can't always see if you will have the stones to bring it about, or exactly how you'll get there.

One thing I think we can agree on. I don't believe it is healthy to spend too much time dwelling on what might happen in the future. It's definitely not healthy to believe that the future is set in stone. If we carry any spark of personal responsibility, we have to believe that our actions can change the path of destiny. The here and now is what really matters most.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Predictions Worth Remembering - Coast To Coast Annual "Professional Psychic Prediction" Show

George Noory took a vacation this week, and the irrepressible Ian Punnett took over his annual Professional Psychic Prediction show. I love Ian's sense of humor and his fearlessness in questioning his guests. He says he was taking notes too (hey Ian, you can borrow mine if you want). None of the following predictions are verbatim. I wasn't transcribing, rather, I tried to get the general gist of what they meant, rather than the exact words. Overall, they mostly offered a lot of doom and gloom this year, very few bright spots. For those of you who missed it, here are some "highlights" from the pros:

Gerald Celente – Trends Research Institute

We are in a recession now. An economic 911 is in play, big major companies are going to collapse. He doesn’t know the bank, business, or spark it will be, but he knows it is going to happen. This greed and corruption is being seeped out of the system, it will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Tax revolt will start on the local level. The biggest field he see growing are "conservation engineers". To save, conserve, not waste, producing alternative energy products. Small is big. Giants will topple. More local development in self-sustaining communities. Micro farms, clean local food. Heal yourself healthcare, self responsibility.

George Ure

Catastrophic collapse of the dollar is not just possible, but likely. Corporate layoffs, slowdown in commercial real estate, a global meltdown of paper assets. A natural disaster will occur in the winter or spring, along the magnitude of Karina. Wind-related disasters, an out of season hurricane. There may be calls for early elections – secrets revealed in January. A couple well-placed insiders or candidates may pull out of positions or the elections. In late March, female leader will come out of South or Central America. Cities will be a mess. September, people will have some optimism that corporations can be changed. Have food, water, self-sufficiency. Power outages in October. A global coastal event in 2009. Glaciers fall into ocean causing flooding.

Paul Guercio – Merlin Project

Edwards and Obama are the two most likely candidates. Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries will go to Edwards and Obama. McCain slowly gaining for last few months. Bloomberg could win it all in a third-party candidacy. Some serious looking into what is actually going on behind the scenes from what has been happening in Washington in the last few years. A lot of hard looking at what is going on politically.

Glynis McCants – Numerology Lady

The political group Bhutto represented will shift forever. Her death will shift the country forever. The truth will be revealed. There will be tremendous feedback from her death. Looking at the US election, she sees a lot of "dirty pool" happening. Those who take the cheap shots won't be the winners. John Edwards could make a verbal mistake that affects his chances. Giuliani does well under crisis because he was a six. The current year is not compatible to his natal numbers. Ron Paul is someone to keep an eye on. He won't be the primary guy, but he could take votes from someone else. Bush is feeling out of control and may do spontaneous things that don’t make sense. This was the year of revealing the truth about the economy. People are playing things closer to the vest. The year of competition. Cycle of 1 moves quickly. The Olympics 8:8:08 ... she is very concerned about the political aspects of the Olympics. It could be terrorism, she can't say what, only that she fears it could be big, there will be some major controversy.

Sean David Morton – Remote Viewer

Everything we are about to do is about our own will, our own regeneration and imagination, and a complete absence of fear. Feels a lot of excitement. What can I do to recreate myself, regain my own personal power? A demand for "real" property, fold, metals, the housing market will remain in the news. Strengthening in the dollar will slowly collapse the stock market. It will bring the movie business back to the US. April – end of the writer's strike, pleasing no one. People will turn their attention to politics, as there will not be much on TV. Fears if Ron Paul gets too successful, he could face physical danger. He does not think Paul will be elected, but he could make it to governor of Texas.

Major Ed Dames "emails it in" ...

Global pandemic and financial system collapse. Gold at $2,000 an ounce.

Mark Lerner – Astrologer and Intuitive

Pluto will cross the life force of the Federal Reserve. The dollar will crumble. People need to invest in gold, silver, commodities, but not the dollar. End of April, beginning of May, there will be something of a gold rush. Gold could double. Secrecy and mystery around Bhutto may never be solved. Olympics will put the number 8 on the map. There could be a calamity during the Olympics. Juno – the rising up of the dispossessed and disenfranchised.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Censorship of Psychic Fraud Story?

I was surfing and Stumbling the other day when I stumbled across this story:

Fortune Teller Becomes Fortune Stealer ... with the notation that this particular story was being censored in blogs.

I decided to test that by writing my own story on it. It's relevant here, because it shows how easy it is to defraud even the wealthy and well-educated. In this particular case the former wife of the Sultan of Brunei, Mariam Aziz, was allegedly taken for $4.7 million dollars by a psychic who also allegedly tried to blackmail her, among other things.

As a professional psychic, I am appauled by this story, and stories like this one. I feel it is vital to get these stories out as warnings to the vulnerable, who are unfortunately drawn to psychics at the lowest times in their lives. I sincerely hope this story is not being censored. While the average fraudulent psychic is usally caught long before they can cause this kind of damage, I have had numerous stories of ordinary people being taken for their life's savings. Legitimate psychics charge between $30-$300 for a reading. We don't charge $10,000 for "blessed" candles (if we sell them at all, the going price should be in range of any scented candle, IMNSHO). We don't take "curses" off your love life in exchange for steep fees. If you love your psychic and he or she has been helpful to you, I have no objection if you make a financial gift of appreciation ... but that's a different thing altogether. Use your common sense. If the service offered seems too good to be true, at too high a price, chances are excellent you are dealing with a fraud artist.