Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Censorship of Psychic Fraud Story?

I was surfing and Stumbling the other day when I stumbled across this story:

Fortune Teller Becomes Fortune Stealer ... with the notation that this particular story was being censored in blogs.

I decided to test that by writing my own story on it. It's relevant here, because it shows how easy it is to defraud even the wealthy and well-educated. In this particular case the former wife of the Sultan of Brunei, Mariam Aziz, was allegedly taken for $4.7 million dollars by a psychic who also allegedly tried to blackmail her, among other things.

As a professional psychic, I am appauled by this story, and stories like this one. I feel it is vital to get these stories out as warnings to the vulnerable, who are unfortunately drawn to psychics at the lowest times in their lives. I sincerely hope this story is not being censored. While the average fraudulent psychic is usally caught long before they can cause this kind of damage, I have had numerous stories of ordinary people being taken for their life's savings. Legitimate psychics charge between $30-$300 for a reading. We don't charge $10,000 for "blessed" candles (if we sell them at all, the going price should be in range of any scented candle, IMNSHO). We don't take "curses" off your love life in exchange for steep fees. If you love your psychic and he or she has been helpful to you, I have no objection if you make a financial gift of appreciation ... but that's a different thing altogether. Use your common sense. If the service offered seems too good to be true, at too high a price, chances are excellent you are dealing with a fraud artist.

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