Monday, December 31, 2007

Art Bell Predictions Show, Part One December 31, 2007

Art Bell has once again kicked off his annual prediction show, with ... uhm ... somewhat "predictable" results. The overwhelming bulk of caller predictions were negative at best, downright horrific at worst.

Art doesn't publish caller predictions to my knowledge, though he keeps track of them from year to year. I tried to keep up with last year's predictions but he went through them too quickly. I estimate that only 10% of the predictions from last year panned out, though the ones that did were pretty stunning, like the owner of a baseball team handing over ownership to his sons.

Why so few accurate predictions? Luck of the draw? Very few of the people calling have any psychic experience. Some don't understand the difference between a vision and a wish. Some of the callers seem to be making predictions that they want to see happen, rather than from any real sense of psychic vision. A couple callers seemed to be using the annual event as a sneaky way to promote their businesses or political agendas, all of which is a staple of this event of course.

Why so many negative ones? Yes, negativity "sells", and I sometimes think the Coast audience is drawn to the more scary content.

I did make a list of this year's predictions, but I don't feel comfortable using them all. So I decided to pick a few of my favorites, and if I am able to next year, I'll publish those that come true.

Tornados in the Midwest – big breakout to get weather channel hopping.

Asteroid WD-5 headed for Mars will hit an reveal a pre-civilization as per Richard Hoagland.

May of 08, oil prices will drop back down to $50 a barrel.

Dow will fall below 11,000.

C2C guest Bugs will lead investigators to Big Foot. Art Bell will be in on the arrangements.

Campion and Ramos will be released when the president leaves office.

Gitmo will be handed over to Cuba.

A major train crash will happen in the US.

Air Force One disappears or crashes.

Mount Etna will explode and have an earthquake revealing an old city.

The US and Canada will put forth a currency for the Americas.

I have posted some of my own predictions on the blog if you are interested. Like many callers, I see expanding war in the Middle East, and I do fear upheaval in Western economies this year.

By the way, if any of you want to register your predictions here, make them on the comments for this blog entry (please don't email them to me though). My rules will be a little like Art's rules. Predictions will have to be short, one prediction only. A line or two at most. No predictions of domestic political assassinations, no predictions containing inflammatory accusations against public figures (I don't want a visit from the Men in Black or Hollywood lawyers any more than Art Bell does). If predictions look too much like wishes, self-promotion, political promotion, bullying or skeptical sarcasm in disguise, they will be trashed. I’m looking only for sincere psychic predictions for the New Year.

I reserve the right to decide to approve or not approve any prediction without giving a reason. All comments to this blog are moderated.


Anonymous said...

Prediction for 2008: Bush will bomb Iran and start world war 3

FIIISH said...

Extremes in weather and natural events will continue and increase in frequency and power. The planet will continue to respond in a destructive manner to those who disregard her delicate ecosystem.

Anonymous said...

The Trucking Industry in 2008 will suffer some the greatest losses on record. The price of diesel fuel will rocket to above $5.00 a gallon, causeing many small companies and independants to either sell their trucks or lease on with a larger company.

The Saint said...

I predict Bush will declare himself dictator and put the 08 elections in eternal hiatus

Anonymous said...

World War III will begin in 2008 but not be evidenced until somewhere near 2012.