Thursday, December 06, 2007

Help me!

Hi, I wrote you the other day I need help. I have been dealing with all kinds of things. I feel pulling and tugging when I go out in the stores or places to eat. I feel cold wind and I seem things some time on people I feel hands on me. Sometimes I see darkness or light around people I see colors I feel things all the time. I feel other peoples stuff all the time. I’m in battles all the time. I feel sick but docs never find anything.

I had 2 near death experiences and I have been to heaven and seen darkness I also know I was to sing and heal. Also I don’t now what happened but my life has gone upside down, no jobs cant get one anywhere, no money, I don’t know what is going on. I feel angels and see angels but I also see bad things. I feel as if I’m going crazy and I can’t live with anyone or there spirits. I feel as if I’m a magnet.

Help me.


Dear T,

The truth is that we are all magnets. Our thinking determines what we pull to us. If you believe you are a magnet for bad experiences, then that is what you'll tend to see and that's what you will create more of. This process is called the "Law of Attraction". Many, many books have been written about the LOA, including "The Secret" which is a huge hit as a movie right now as well. You may be able to find a copy online somewhere. I also recommend "What the Bleep Do We Know".

Think about the positive things you are seeing. You see angels ... that's an awesome thing! There are people who have prayed all their lives for just one experience like that. You have had a near death experience and have seen Heaven. You have healing abilities, musical talent! Celebrate your gifts, and accept that with great power comes responsibility, and sometimes challenges. As you change your feelings about these experiences, they will seem less stressful and dramatic to you. Eventually, you will find that they truly are gifts and not the curse you imagine them to be right now.

If you want to bring things down to a manageable level quickly, you have to learn how to ground your energy. See this excerpt from my book, Living With Your Psychic Gifts:

If you want to get in touch with your emotions quickly, I highly recommend a class called The QuinnTessential Experience. It's only available in Toronto at the moment, but there is a similar class in Rochester NY called LifeStream and in Florida called LifeWorks. This class literally saved my life, at a time when I felt very much as you say you feel now. It's not about being psychic - it's about dealing with the emotional baggage we all carry as human beings. I found that once I got in control of that, my psychic experiences just fell into place in a positive and healing way.


Midnight said...

Great advice, both hopeful/optimistic and practical. And I love that you validate and encourage the experiences of others...some psychics don't. I just found your blog on Bloghub but I've added it to my blogroll ( so I can come back and benefit again!

Brandi Jasmine said...

Thank you so much for the kind comments! I am going to check your blogroll out now :-)