Friday, December 28, 2007

Tell me if I will be able to survive on $1,000

71 just divorced, serious cardiac problems, only have $1,000 per month to live on. Tell me if I will be able to survive on $1,000


Dear BG,

I'm sorry to hear of your hardships. I know this isn't an easy time for you. I've survived on $1,000 and much less in fact, many years of my life. And I have faced many serious health problems.

But I don't think that's what you wanted to hear, was it? You see, as an intuitive I can only tell you one of three things ... either the situation will change, for better, or for worse, or it will not change at all. My experience, when people frame the question as you have, is that they are looking for one of two things: Tell me it will get better, so I have hope, or tell me it won't (or will stay the same), in which case I can give up and stop trying anymore.

Neither of those answers produces any change in the clients I have seen - which is one reason I stopped doing readings full time. It never accomplished anything. Most often, nothing changed at all, which was what I saw most of the time, in fact.

So the way I look at it now, the real question is for you and not for me.

Do you want to change the situation? If you do, then no one but you can change it. I know it may seem hard, even impossible to you right now, but you can do that. I've done it. I was in a place not all that different from yours. I finally figured out that my unhappiness was mostly a result of my own attitude towards my life, it had little to do with my circumstances. I can say that with integrity, it was not long ago I was living on virtually no income, with huge debts, and was within a week of having no money left at all. Granted, I'm younger than you, but I still have health challenges, and no partner to support me. The difference is that now I can see how blessed I have been. If I can turn things around, I believe anyone can.

I highly recommend you watch the movie "The Secret", and look up "Law of Attraction" on Google. Absorb everything you can on personal growth, Study Silva - there are free classes and tutorials online. Count the blessings you have every day. Start by recognizing what you have, and you will attract more of what you want. It really works! If you turn your thoughts around, you can turn your life around (yes, even at your age!). I don't know what you will do, but I do know it is your choice, and I am rooting for you to decide that your life is worth living, you have gifts for the world, and you can be an inspiration to everyone who knows you.

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