Monday, January 28, 2008

I really don't what to do

Dear Brandi,

I'm 15, and I'm not sure what going on with me. I think I may be psychic but I'm not sure. I started noticing this bizarre change 2 years ago, when I was working in my Mom's store. I would sometimes fall asleep and then when I'd wake up the lights were off, the door was locked, and the sign was turned around. Then sometimes I would see thing out of the corner my eye, like a person, but then I'd would turn to look and it or she or he was gone. Other time I would hear something, a voice, someone fiddling through merchandise, but every time I'd to see what was up or answer no one was there.

One day when I was working with a friend of mine, I was able to pin point where they were. I was able to see the building we were in before I was working in there and I saw 3 or four boys standing against the back wall. She heard them as well, and we also were able to feel them. One of the tables actually moved or shock. Also we kept placing things on the table and going back to get them only to find that somebody or thing moved them.

She asked me if anyone else in my family could do and I know my mom has had experience with demons and ghost, as well she can tell just by looking at an animal if something wrong and 9 times out of 10 she's right. Then was another time around the same time I was working at the store, and something bad happened to me at school, but before it happen I got this really bad feeling in my stomach and I just felt like I want to leave, to lay down, and I got really nervous and anxious, before it happened. Also I still get that feeling every now and then only every time it seems to get worse and I really would like to know how to maybe stop, not completely but to where I can function, and not feel so I don't know sick.

I don't dream and when I do it's very rare, and lately I've been looking for something and then I would go to bed I'd wake up from a dream in that dream I would find it was I was looking for, and then I would go look for and it wasn't in the exact spot it was in my dream but was within a foot of where I found it in the dream. I really don't what to do, I just don't how to process this and really just kinda want it to stop, or not feel so weird, and maybe feel more normal if at all possible?


Dear N,

It sounds to me like the gift runs in your family. What does your Mom say about it? Can you talk to her about your experiences? Sometimes being able to talk to others is all the comfort we need to realize that we're not crazy or really all that different. "Normal" is really just a cycle on the washing machine - it's not a real state of being human. Everyone is someone else's weirdo. What makes you different is what makes you wonderful, in my opinion. If other people won't accept you for who you truly are, then there is something wrong with them not with you. I know none of that is much comfort right now, but one day you'll wake up like I did and realize the truth in this: you can't be anyone but who you are.

As for stopping the psychic stuff, you can slow it down somewhat sure. You might be able to stop it altogether in some cases, but that may have the side effect of damaging you emotionally and physically. It may cut off your creativity. What you really need to do is accept it. Your dream abilities are helpful to you ... why would you not want to have that advantage?

It also sounds to me like there is a ghost in your Mom's store. My advice would be to befriend the spirit. When you are alone there, or together with your Mom, if she is open to the idea, sit down and have a chat with your spectral friend. Tell him or her (or them, there may be more than one) that they are dead, and the dead don't go shopping.

Seriously! ... I really mean that. As silly as it may sound, most ghosts simply don't realize that they are dead. Most of them don't want to cause a disturbance. They just don't know how to move on. Tell them they are dead and to move on into the light. Picture a vortex of light outside the shop where they can go to contact their loved ones and angelic guides. Wish them well on their way. The more comfortable you get with this stuff, the less this sort of thing will bother you.


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K Amber said...

Well get back and focus and confidence, you will know what to do

K Amber