Friday, January 11, 2008

Glynis McCants, the Numbers Lady, On C2C

I always enjoy listening to Glynis McCants, the Numbers Lady, when she comes on Coast to Coast. She's so positive and upbeat, it's easy to listen to her. No doom and gloom, like so many of George's other "predictive" guests. Of all the numerologists I have listened to, or whose work I have read, I like her the best, because she makes things sound so simple and straightforward, but when you listen to her, there is actually a lot of detail in the readings she offers. She doesn't pull any punches though, you can count on her to say what she thinks, what she's sure about, and what she's not so sure about. And her style is more one of forecasting rather than prediction, which I respect. I've studied numerology for a few years, but listening to her, I wonder if I will every grasp it as clearly. One day I want a reading from this lady.

According to Glynis McCants:

2008 is a "1" year. Clearing your space for new beginnings. The year of winning, competition, ambition, goal setting and high energy. Much focus on global warming. This will not be a peaceful time.

Bush, a 6, went into personal year of 5. Feels toxic, out of control, do things they regret. Britney Spears has the same number, and imploded under her 5 year. Bush may be overly impulsive and agressive, and that is highly dangerous in a year 1.

In the election at this point in time, she cannot predict clear winners, but claims she has predicted the past 5 elections accurately once the nominations are finalized.

Clintons are very tight, intellectual relationship, he would enjoy being "first man". Both are in a personal year one, a team effort. In Hillary's case, a 3 life path, 8 day birth, appears cold and aloof. It's a personal one year, the interview where she nearly came to tears was a turning point. She's in the race for her life though, it won't be easy for her. McCants picks Clinton as the winner on the Democratic side, she'd like to see her with Obama.

Edwards is a 7 life path. This is a personal 8 year, learning the hard way. Learning the hard way. He could lose a lot of money.

Obama is a 2 life path in a 4 year year. It's all about learning as he goes. Cycle 4 is not compatible with a 1, but works with his life path.

Guiliani is a 6 life path. Does well in a crisis. He is in a cycle of 7, could come off as pompous.

Huckabee, 7 born on a 6 day, may come across as confused and unsure.

McCain was born on a 2 day, life path 2, and personal year 2, this is his year. He has a 1 attitude, he knows how to win. McCain is the strongest Republican pick, but the Republican field is more chaotic than the Democrats. She can see Guiliani and McCain if the field doesn't change, but this was not a firm prediction.

Romney 3 day, 9 lifepath, good communicator, his cycle of 7 is toxic.

Thompson 7 in a personal year of 1, it could get stronger for him, but maybe not the winner.

Duncan Hunter, don't count him out. He is a double 4, knows what he's talking about.

Ron Paul can take votes from others, with several ones in his chart. He could go third party if he does not win. He will find a way to make others support him.

2012 is a whole year 5, a time of new beginnings. She does not foresee disaster.

McCants' book, "Glynis Has Your Number" is well-written, entertaining and easy to read. It's one of the better books for the new student of numerology. I started out with Eileen Connolly's epic tome, The Connolly Book of Numbers, which I have read more times than I can count, and I am still trying to figure out in places. By contrast, "Glynis Has Your Number" is far more up to date. She has simplified and structured a numerological system that almost anyone can come to master.

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