Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Predictions Worth Remembering - Coast To Coast Annual "Professional Psychic Prediction" Show

George Noory took a vacation this week, and the irrepressible Ian Punnett took over his annual Professional Psychic Prediction show. I love Ian's sense of humor and his fearlessness in questioning his guests. He says he was taking notes too (hey Ian, you can borrow mine if you want). None of the following predictions are verbatim. I wasn't transcribing, rather, I tried to get the general gist of what they meant, rather than the exact words. Overall, they mostly offered a lot of doom and gloom this year, very few bright spots. For those of you who missed it, here are some "highlights" from the pros:

Gerald Celente – Trends Research Institute

We are in a recession now. An economic 911 is in play, big major companies are going to collapse. He doesn’t know the bank, business, or spark it will be, but he knows it is going to happen. This greed and corruption is being seeped out of the system, it will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Tax revolt will start on the local level. The biggest field he see growing are "conservation engineers". To save, conserve, not waste, producing alternative energy products. Small is big. Giants will topple. More local development in self-sustaining communities. Micro farms, clean local food. Heal yourself healthcare, self responsibility.

George Ure

Catastrophic collapse of the dollar is not just possible, but likely. Corporate layoffs, slowdown in commercial real estate, a global meltdown of paper assets. A natural disaster will occur in the winter or spring, along the magnitude of Karina. Wind-related disasters, an out of season hurricane. There may be calls for early elections – secrets revealed in January. A couple well-placed insiders or candidates may pull out of positions or the elections. In late March, female leader will come out of South or Central America. Cities will be a mess. September, people will have some optimism that corporations can be changed. Have food, water, self-sufficiency. Power outages in October. A global coastal event in 2009. Glaciers fall into ocean causing flooding.

Paul Guercio – Merlin Project

Edwards and Obama are the two most likely candidates. Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries will go to Edwards and Obama. McCain slowly gaining for last few months. Bloomberg could win it all in a third-party candidacy. Some serious looking into what is actually going on behind the scenes from what has been happening in Washington in the last few years. A lot of hard looking at what is going on politically.

Glynis McCants – Numerology Lady

The political group Bhutto represented will shift forever. Her death will shift the country forever. The truth will be revealed. There will be tremendous feedback from her death. Looking at the US election, she sees a lot of "dirty pool" happening. Those who take the cheap shots won't be the winners. John Edwards could make a verbal mistake that affects his chances. Giuliani does well under crisis because he was a six. The current year is not compatible to his natal numbers. Ron Paul is someone to keep an eye on. He won't be the primary guy, but he could take votes from someone else. Bush is feeling out of control and may do spontaneous things that don’t make sense. This was the year of revealing the truth about the economy. People are playing things closer to the vest. The year of competition. Cycle of 1 moves quickly. The Olympics 8:8:08 ... she is very concerned about the political aspects of the Olympics. It could be terrorism, she can't say what, only that she fears it could be big, there will be some major controversy.

Sean David Morton – Remote Viewer

Everything we are about to do is about our own will, our own regeneration and imagination, and a complete absence of fear. Feels a lot of excitement. What can I do to recreate myself, regain my own personal power? A demand for "real" property, fold, metals, the housing market will remain in the news. Strengthening in the dollar will slowly collapse the stock market. It will bring the movie business back to the US. April – end of the writer's strike, pleasing no one. People will turn their attention to politics, as there will not be much on TV. Fears if Ron Paul gets too successful, he could face physical danger. He does not think Paul will be elected, but he could make it to governor of Texas.

Major Ed Dames "emails it in" ...

Global pandemic and financial system collapse. Gold at $2,000 an ounce.

Mark Lerner – Astrologer and Intuitive

Pluto will cross the life force of the Federal Reserve. The dollar will crumble. People need to invest in gold, silver, commodities, but not the dollar. End of April, beginning of May, there will be something of a gold rush. Gold could double. Secrecy and mystery around Bhutto may never be solved. Olympics will put the number 8 on the map. There could be a calamity during the Olympics. Juno – the rising up of the dispossessed and disenfranchised.

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