Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vision of Terrorist Attack in China

Last night I had a lot of interesting dreams ... one thing stood out. I had a highly realistic vision in the middle of one dream that the Chinese Olympic Stadium was in flames. It was absolutely horrific, and I felt a lot like 9-11 deja vu with it. Hundreds of people if not thousands were hurt and killed. The entire stadium was burning like a torch.

I don't know if this is a vision of the future or a symbolic reflection of something else. It could be a metaphor of some kind for the earthquake they recently experienced, but the details were quite specific.

I have a profound feeling of foreboding for future events in China right now, in particular for the Olympic Games. Normally I do not post "predictions" on my blog, because I don't get many visions of this type, and I tend to stay focused on the now. This particular image though was very strong and I wanted to make a public record of it. This is one vision I certainly hope does not come to pass.

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