Monday, July 30, 2007

Am I Psychic?

I think it was last summer that I went to go see a psychic with my mom. The psychic told me that I was psychic and that I knew what people were thinking. I have anxiety disorder and hate crowds, I can hardly get to sleep at night, and I get really bad headaches out of nowhere that come and then just leave. This has really been bothering me, it would be great if I could hear what you have to say for me.

Thank you so much for your time.


Dear SB,

You haven't mentioned whether or not you have had any psychic experiences, though the kinds of symptoms you have described are common with many psychics. In the end though, you are the only one who can ultimately decide if you are psychic or not, and you need to figure that out by keeping careful track of your intuitive experiences and dreams.

Journal-keeping is vital to your personal and psychic growth. You can go back over time and check the details. You'll find that you remember some things differently a week, month or year down the line. It is really helpful in so many ways. It will prove to you that you are seeing something "real", and where your blind-spots are. It keeps things grounded.

If you rule out any physical causes, and you have had visions or dreams that have come true, I recommend that you get a copy of Living With Your Psychic Gifts ... All the best advice that I would give you is actually already in the book. In the meantime, the best thing to do is to meditate every day, to regularly ground yourself, and to keep a regular journal of these kinds of experiences so that you can look back on them with more clarity in the future.

I do have a lower-cost eBook version available for $9.99, which contains the core material. If you don't know of any meditations that may help, and can't afford my book or eBook, I suggest starting at your local Library – they may have some good books available there. Your local Buddhist temple may also offer free meditation classes. There is nothing better for your peace of mind than meditation, and it will be helpful to you, no matter what is causing the anxiety attacks. One of the best guided meditations I know is on Ross Quinn's "Centering CD". You can buy a CD on his web site.


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