Saturday, August 04, 2007

Astrological Predictions from Mark Lerner

I'm afraid I missed parts of Astrologer Mark Lerner's appearance on Coast to Coast last night, but he did say Hillary Clinton "stands out" in his "election night charting".

He pointed out that the Minneapolis bridge tragedy took place just as Pluto was on the horizon. Israel has to be careful in January and February, due to the stationing of Mars.

Jupiter goes direct Monday, and Lerner says that the stationary period could bring big scale tremors.

Mars goes stationary on a critical point in the US chart mid november, and there could be a downturn in the markets because of problems in the housing market. Between now and September 8th, women and artists should take advantage of Venus retrograde to retool our creativity.

He believes that 2012 will bring a massive spiritual transformation.

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