Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sean David Morton Predictions on Coast

Intuitive futurist psychic Sean David Morton appeared on Coast to Coast AM tonight, spending much of the first hour going over past predictions, predictably (pun intended) focusing on past predictions that have come to pass, particularly in the stock and financial markets. Past hits include Katrina, the rise of the Euro, Catepillar Tractor, and the recent housing-related correction.

Sean is mostly concerned about massive hyper-inflation of the economy in November. He says that the current market situation will improve in the short term. He says the Fed will print more money, a lot of it, to keep the blue-chip stocks high. There will be huge mergers and more consolidation. Major shakeup involving Cheney and Bush.

He thinks that the progressed US Sun in Pisces will bring ocean-based developments such as an engine based on burning seawater, submarines, boating. He likes Crocs shoes and Sketchers. Pisces has to do with dream states, spirits, shows like Coast, and The Secret. There will be great water-related catastrophes, economic collapses between November of this year and the end of 2009. People will come together to help each other and will turn their back on our materialistic lifestyles. He is recommending buying and holding copper, silver, gold and platinum, up to 25% of your portfolio. He says silver may double.

He sees a "big red boil" of energy under Seattle and cannot predict how it will manifest. He suggested that residents there meditate and pray, and visualize a golden acupuncture needle of light and love to puncture the earth and relieve the pressure before there is a disaster. In Japan, there will be another very substantial quake in Japan that will result in a cloud of white gas or steam that will kill and sicken a large portion of a city, sometime within the next 2-3 weeks or so. He is not seeing a lot of hurricanes hitting the US. There will be a lot of rain, flooding and a record number of tornados. August 26 to September16, one large hurricane will come out of the Atlantic into South Carolina, and will buzz-saw up the coast. There will be a series of 4.5 - 5.0 quakes up along the New Madrid fault in Ohio. There could be massive destruction there in 2011-2012. He sees genetically-engineered diseases wiping out much of Africa.

One thing I like about Sean David Morton is with all the disasters he sees, he's not as fatalistic as some others in this field. On May 26-28 2010 there will be a new harmonic convergence that will "cement the energy from 1987". He believes that humanity can mediate or lessen the impact of negative events in the future through focused positive intentions.

Ron Paul may sweep the ballots in New Nampshire. He could end up being a third-party candidate. There will be shocking changes to Bush-Cheney in November. He cannot predict at this time who the candidates will be.


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