Monday, July 23, 2007

Child Senses Spirit of Loved One

Hi Brandi - can you please help with this question? I have a 2 year-old daughter who appears to have psychic abilities as she can see and hear a recent loved one who has recently passed away. The strange thing is when he is present she hear a sort of humming/buzzing sound which sometimes scares her as well as (sometimes) getting a sore neck (the deceased loved one hung himself). I would really appreciate a response to help me deal with this.


Dear CF

The humming/buzzing sound may be coming from the loved one, but it may also be coming from the distinct probability that your daughter also has out of body experiences on a regular basis. This symptom is common with psychics of many different kinds. My suggestion is to have her hearing checked, just in case, to rule out any physical causes. Whenever she hears it, be as comforting as you can. If it becomes uncomfortable, or she seems to be ungrounded, wash her feet and hands in cold water (not too cold mind you).

I would tell her lots of people have these experiences. I wouldn't tell her "there is nothing to be afraid of", unless she actually mentions being fearful. One thing I have discovered is that most children are not afraid of spirits until they find out that it is something their elders are fearful of. Think of the typical first haircut or dentist appointment. How do children react when we tell them "Don't worry, it won't hurt?" ... almost always with tears, because all they hear is "worry" and "hurt" at that age. "Spirits are not to be feared" puts the concepts of "fear" and "spirits" together in the same sentence. You may not have done this, but chances are someone has. It's well-meaning, but it doesn't work.

If she is truly fearful at this point, the best you can do is reassure her that this is someone who loved you and her and all he is trying to do is communicate with her, to let you know he is okay. Ask leading questions like, "How do you feel about this?" and "Did he say anything?" ... keep it age-appropriate of course, and back off if this upsets her. The idea though is to give her the idea that this is something perfectly normal and natural. She will have questions about how he died, and that may be better addressed by a child psychologist than myself, but my 2 cents is that honesty is always best (again at age appropriate levels, and without revealing facts that might distress her further).

As for this loved one, the way he died is a challenge for you. He's likely earthbound, and may be confused and disoriented. He needs some help crossing over. Then there is the profound impact on your family emotionally, never mind psychically, which may also need to be addressed. There is an excellent book by Edith Fiore called "The Unquiet Dead", that I highly recommend. In a nutshell though, tell him he was successful in ending his life, and that now he must cross over into the Light. His activities are upsetting and harmful to your child, and as much as you love and miss him, damaging to himself. It's not fair for him to keep coming back to her when he is causing fear and neck pains to her. I would do this while she is asleep, after the next time she reports him being present (not in the same room, children hear a lot more than we think when they are asleep). If you sense resistance, and/or she reports continued visits, let me know, and I will make some further recommendations ... but 90% of the time, these spirits leave on their own accord, once they realize that their presence is causing disruption.


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