Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dr. Evelyn Paglini Makes More Psychic Hits

May 13 2007 - Dr. Evelyn Paglini was on with Art Bell on Coast to Coast again tonight, as a number of her previous forecasts have come to pass. See my previous blog on April 21.

Two major hurricanes that will hit the gulf coast, tornados and storms that will make history [there have been heavier than normal storms and tornados, though no major hurricanes as of late October] . She would put FIMA along the Gulf Coast and the Central Plains. She does not like the look of the dams and levies she has seen. She says she sees "other people killing children"[there have been two school shooting events] . She says there may be riots or civil unrest in major cities. This is "not a done deal yet", but is "still in the planning stage". It could happen in the "heat of the summer" [summer is over and this did not occur] . She remains worried about a virus with flu-like symptoms that will be deadly. It will be released "by man's hand" in the United States, and will take a long time before they will find treatments. She foresees financial troubles ahead, a slow-down this fall, with a major stock correction in September-October [she was correct on this one, this is a solid hit] . There will be another oil interruption, which will not be caused by weather. She recommends communities and individuals put away food and water for possible disasters between now and 2012. There will be a rash of contaminants in our food, both accidental and deliberate. There will be a lot of solar flares between now and 2012, and a possible nuclear exchange.

She seems to think that the Northern Midwest will be more safe than the coastal areas.

Dr. Paglini is impressive. She says she does not want to call her statements "predictions", she wants to call them "warnings". She says she doesn't have all the answers, and seems concerned about the primarily negative quality of most of the predictions that come to her. I give her extra kudos for that, and for saying that future events can be changed.

She told one caller not to worry about the warnings and visions he was getting, to write them down. She also has a Mind Dynamics Course that will teach people to shut down or improve their psychic abilities. I haven't got a copy of this course to review it, but if it is as direct and straight-forward as she is on Coast, it should be worth a try.


Anonymous said...

Did she say what the civil unrest pertained to? Immigration? The war in Iraq? The economy?

Brandi Jasmine said...

She was not that specific that I recall.

Anonymous said...

This year, there were the two Hispanic protests. There were protests, two that I remember, in Washington, D.C. There was the Jena Six demonstration.