Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Psychic Children

My niece foresaw the Virginia Tech Tragedy. We always new she was going to have a much stronger Psychic ability that the rest of the family but it's all coming to a head at an amazing rate and it's scaring the crap out of her. She see's orbs, ghosts, spirits, they follow her home, events have happened at school in her classrooms for all to witness, she hers conversations, she feels their feelings. We are having trouble trying to comfort her and remind her that this is a gift. Any suggestions? This is not a joke. I need to find her some help. She's too strong psychically. It's like a switch was turned on in her psyche and the rest is history. Where can we find help? We know she is psychic but we don't know how to help her except to support and comfort her when things get scary.


Dear SS,

The first thing is to remember to have an attitude of detached interest when she shares her experiences. What I mean by that is be interested, encourage her, but don’t make a big deal out of this. If she feels fear, it is in part because what she sees is scary, and in part because the adults around her react with the shivers when she brings it up. That gives children the clear message "This is a big deal, it's a scary thing". The truth is, it does not have to be scary.

Wherever you can, ask don't tell! Learn how to do "Active Listening". That's a technique featured in "Parent Effectiveness Training" (PET). Essentially what you do is guide the other person to come to their own conclusion with some leading questions. I have an outline on my anti-bullying section here. I also recommend looking into PET ... it will help you deal with other emotional situations – psychically sensitive kids also tend to be emotionally sensitive as well.

If I spoke to your niece, I would acknowledge that I have had some scary experiences of my own. Then I would ask her if she has ever had a scary dream. Chances are good she will say yes. Then I would ask her if she was ever really hurt by something in a dream. Once she woke up, didn't the scary thing go away? Of course the answer is yes there too. So I would ask her if she sees any difference between her visions and impressions than dreams in that regard. While they are happening, they may be scary, like a movie or a dream, but once they are over, nothing bad has ever happened, has it?

Encourage her to start keeping a journal of her experiences. Teach her to meditate. Teach her some of the protection exercises in my book (especially grounding), or those techniques that your family has taught in the past. Remind her that you and others in your family have a similar talent. Tell her it's natural, most people have it, but other families don't all talk about it because they have different traditions about it. See if you can bring her along to local classes or seminars. One I recommend for children is "The Virtues Project" ... it's not about being psychic, it's more about better communicating, and that will help her in many ways, not just as a sensitive. There may also be psychic classes, meetings or gatherings in your community. If she is surrounded with people who are open-minded and supportive, she will eventually realize that this is a normal part of life.

One last thing ... if she is having any trouble integrating what she saw with the Virginia Tech tragedy, it will most likely take the form of guilt and grief.

About guilt ... Let her know that many others also likely foresaw it, but it's rare we get enough information to act on these things. Nothing that happened was her fault, and there was nothing she could have done to prevent it, regardless. Society is just not ready to listen to intuition about such things ... heck, people came forward with actual direct warnings from knowing the shooter, and even that could not prevent this from happening.

About grief ... even though she may not know any of the people who died, she may have a stronger than normal attachment to them. At some level, she may feel she knew them. Treat this grief as normal. Accept it. Get her counselling for it, if she is open to that. Even non-psychic children may be experiencing anxiety and trauma from what they have seen on TV. How much more traumatic must that be when a child has seen it in her psyche?


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