Monday, September 03, 2007

Joseph Jacobs on Coast

Joseph Jacobs is a kind, gentle spirit, in his own words, the "antidote" to the "Doctor Doom" psychics and remote viewers that Coast to Coast AM so often features. Jacobs started of saying that previously he had said this would be a difficult year, and rattled off a list of tragedies and disasters from 2007. September and October will still have some harshness. There are some harsh realities to go through but he sees things clearing up a bit in October-November. Expect serious weather conditions in the coming weeks. He sees diseases coming in from China. September could be a good month for ufology.

If you have had a bad year, use meditation and affirmations to stay in a positive mind frame. Look for how we get in our own way, how we are negative or stuck in life. Move on, don't cling to the past. Live in the now. All good advice, but for the most part, he didn't have any specific advice for how to accomplish this. One cool thing he suggested that I really liked, especially for empaths and sensitives, is to remember to be the audience instead of a participant when you see something negative going down. Don't let yourself get sucked into dramas and negativity.

Jacobs says that next year will be better, good for new beginnings, with lots of breakthroughs and inventions. It will be a great year for communications. A whole new beginning. We need to be realigning ourselves in the next few months. The downside is we will see dictators making lots of news.

On a humorous note, Jacobs recommended that medical students get into orthopedics, psychology and ear medicines because of the impact of technology on our lives in the future.

He said that he noticed that a law involving emminent domain was passed just after Dick Cheney went hunting with one of the Supreme Court justices and he is now worried that some of the lands in New Orleans could be taken over by the oil companies.

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