Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Circle Meditation

When I did readings, people often used to ask me what their Life's Purpose was. I came to realize that the point of coming to incarnate life on Earth is not to discover a purpose that God has hidden from us like some silly game of emotional hide and seek, but is instead to create meaning out of whatever circumstances come our way. If we do have a purpose, then it is up to us to create it out of what we have, not find it hidden in the subconscious of some psychic we happen to meet.

I believe the best guidance to our true purpose is to follow what brings us joy. Unfortunately, too many people are stuck in an unending angst brought on by contrary values that insist on the one hand that work must be "hard" and on the other that we must follow the path of least resistance to find our true place in life.

The other big mistake people make is in assuming that one's career is the ultimate or only reflection of our purpose in life. I've found it hugely rewarding to participate in The QuinnTessential Experience, yet I make no money from that. I really do feel that The QuinnTessential Experience or something very much like it is my true purpose in life. Maybe I will become a facilitator one day, maybe not, but regardless, that is where I find the deepest, most profound meaning in my life. Your purpose does not have to be your career.

Still, for most people, career ends up being their purpose, and many people are stuck when it comes to making career decisions. While seeing a good psychic or astrologer may help clarify things, in the end, you are the one who makes the choice. If you are finding yourself stuck with any choice, I highly recommend the following clarifying meditation to open your heart and mind to your highest joy. I would dearly love to have your feedback on this ...

Mentally prepare yourself. Center, meditate, if you use the Silva Method, go to Alpha, or simply relax in whatever method works best for you.

When you are mentally ready, imagine yourself at the beach. As you walk along, you will notice things. Pay attention to anything that draws your attention. While you are walking, gently ponder the circumstances that have brought you to this decision. Symbols of your circumstances will float up to mind. Does something get in your way? What kind of people approach you as you walk further down the beach? Do animals or obstacles enter your path?

When you feel you have gone through all the circumstances in your life that are relevant to the question, stop and draw a circle around yourself in the sand. Now, imagine that you are inside a magic circle that protects you from any harm, and brings to you all your needs. The circle magically transports any people from your life whose expectations, demands or desires may be affected by this decision, but somehow, they are all unconditionally loving and supportive in this new environment.

You can do anything you want to inside the circle. You are happy, prosperous, productive and fulfilled, though you are totally alone inside the circle. Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, your best friends, “The Joneses”, peers and people you barely know, but care about, all are outside the circle, offering their total, unconditional support. Sit inside that feeling for a time.

Now, think ... what are you doing inside the circle? You may find yourself doing a lot of things, perhaps just one, but whatever you find yourself doing in that circle is a clue to your purpose. If nothing immediately comes to mind, thank everyone and let them float away. Now, an angel floats down from heaven. Pay attention to the appearance of this angel. It isn't the typical greeting card angel, it is a being of light, but a very unique one. This angel bears a gift for you. Make a note of what the angel is wearing, what the angel looks like. The angel will give you a gift. Thank the angel and let it float away. Now, look down at the gift ... what is the gift the angel left for you?

Most often the gift will be something symbolic. If the symbol isn't obvious to you, just keep that gift in mind for a while. Eventually it will break through and make sense to you.

Ground yourself and come back to reality.

Many people have had remarkable breakthroughs using this meditation, but it is only the first step. Now that you have an idea of the direction to take in your path, "reality" really starts to matter.

If you choose to move to another city, or to study certain topics in school, your parents may be hurt or confused. You may have to deal with loneliness and will probably experience money problems. The path won't always be easy, but at least you will have a goal, and an idea of what you want to achieve in life.

Some people are so confused by the demands of other people and of society that they cannot block out the needs of loved-ones, and may find that absolutely nothing comes to them inside the circle. Others may find that something outrageous occurs to them that they cannot accept as a practical alternative. This is when a qualified astrologer or psychic counselor might be helpful.

The Circle Meditation is featured in my Book Living With Your Psychic Gifts - Chapter 12. This meditation can be adapted to almost any major life decision, not just career decisions. Whenever you are stuck, not knowing what you really want to do, give it a try and see what comes up for you!


Anonymous said...

Hello. I am sorry to bother you, but my friend (who just bought your book last night) she has a TON of the things you explain... nightmares, visions, anxiety around people, headaches, etc, etc. She is very psychic and feels like it is driving her insane. Like I said, she did buy your book, but I was wondering if there is any way that you would be willing to email with her or something to try to help out immediately? If not, I would completely understand. It is just very hard to watch her in so much pain (as I am sure you well know) Thanks in advance, even if you can't. ~Angela

Brandi Jasmine said...

I would love to help out your friend, and will do so free of charge, provided she is willing to have her comments posted on the blog.

If that's not acceptable to her, I understand, but I'd have to charge a consulting fee.

The main reason I do it this way is that whatever she is going though, it likely is something others can learn from, even if nothing more than the realization that they are not alone. It gives me the opportunity to help a lot of people at once instead of just one at a time. I do understand some people don't want to share their experiences publicly, but I do not reveal the names of people unless they themselves post them, as you did in your comment (I can't figure out how to edit those).

She can email me at my web form, and I will get back to her as soon as I can. Tell her to tell me that she is the friend you mentioned.

I understand that it can be frightening to be going through what she is experiencing, I've been through all this myself ;-)

Anonymous said...

Brandi, I forwarded everything to her, and if she is comfortable, she will get in contact with you. Thank you SO much for being willing to help. I just thought, if nothing else, knowing that there is SOMEONE else who has gone through the same thing she is... might help, you know? ~Angela