Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Positive Versus Negative Energy

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Dear Brandi:

How do we differentiate whether we are affected by positive psychic energy or negative psychic energy. If we know this probably we will know for which to take action and which to left alone.

Secondly I have one recurring dream. Sometimes a public toilet full of stools everywhere and no water. I can't understand the meaning of this because I am not figure out the significance in my day to day life. I will greatful if you would answer these questions.


It's not that hard to tell the difference between positive and negative spiritual influences. "By their fruits shall you know them". If you are being asked to take actions that are not the highest, most loving, or are controlling of others, or are not in line with your ethical standards, then clearly these are negative influences. If they urge you to be more giving, compassionate, to be of help or service to others, then they are positive. I always affirm when I work that only the highest, most positive energies and intelligences will come together for the highest good of all concerned.

A less clear line may come when deciding whether or not an intuition is legitimate or is wish-fulfillment or fantasy. This is a little harder to tell. I recommend keeping a journal over a period of time. After a while you will notice your own blind spots, and subtle feelings that you can come to count on that will tell you the difference between mental wanderings and real psychic influences.

I have to admit that is a very interesting dream! I think the meaning is obvious though. Water is always emotion. Bathroom dreams that are not related to physical problems in waking life are often related to "holding in" emotions.

Your subconscious mind may be looking for a way to let you know to relax, stop over-analyzing things, and let things happen instead of trying to force them. It could also be that you have a hidden health concern, if I were you I might discuss the dreams with my doctor, especially if they repeat, get more insistent, or if you notice any physical problems with the related areas of your body.


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Lady Intuitive said...

I love your blog. You are very interesting! Keep up the good work. So many people start them and never keep up with them. I'll be a regular reader!