Friday, March 03, 2006

The Gift Reality TV Show Looking for "Ordinary People" Psychics

Have you ever thought of a TV show and turned on the TV and it was being re-run? Have you ever had a premonition of the future? Have you ever experienced dèjá vu? Have you ever picked up the phone to find it is the friend you were just thinking about.

Executive produced by Tony Krantz (24) and Victoria Holt, The Gift — a six-episode, one-hour weekly reality series — is looking for ordinary people with psychic gifts to appear on the show.

After testing the psychic abilities of people throughout the country, eight contestants will participate in what they describe as an emotionally intense "boot camp for intuitives." Finalists will compete against each other in a series of challenges devised by some of the world's top psychic professionals.

To apply to be a contestant on the The Gift, go to their web site. I recommend you read all the fine print - this won't be a glamorous walk in the park. You'll need a thick skin and I expect there will be lots of curve balls thrown at you. They don't say it but my psychic intuition tells me a guest shot with some of the typical "skeptic-debunkers" isn't beyond possibility ...

Anyway, it is an interesting idea. I think there will be some pretty cool surprises along the way. I hope they do teach some psychic protection along with whatever else they will be teaching. I have heard James Van Praagh will be one of the teachers, though they don't mention him by name on the site - and with him involved, it should be pretty good.

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