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Your Psychic Systems and New Book by Norma Cowie

Back in the late 1980's I had the privilege of working with Norma Cowie, one of the most gifted psychics and Tarot Card Readers on the West Coast. In fact, I would not hesitate to say that if it were not for her, and for the wonderful psychic fairs she managed at the time, I could not have grown to accept my own abilities as I have today. Her wonderful book on the Tarot is still the best I have ever read. I am on her mailing list, and she has given me permission to reprint her latest article here in the blog.


Brandi Jasmine

Your Psychic Systems, by Norma Cowie

Today people think of people who are psychics as being clairvoyant or clairaudient. Actually, all five senses have a psychic component. Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. It is not commonly known that you also do have a psychic nose and mouth, yet you do.

We are all born psychic, with all our psychic abilities intact. Our psychic abilities enable us to see, hear, smell, taste and feel the non-physical. We are born with all our abilities intact. What happens? Depending upon the environment you are born into will depend upon what happens to these abilities. As most adults get upset when children begin talking about things they do not personally see or understand they will tell their children ”be quiet”, “you don’t know what you are talking about” or just plain “shut up”. As what we want is to be accepted, when we are young, we bit by bit shut down our psychic abilities.

I have found the first ability we shut down is the psychic eye. It is disturbing to see auras, dead people, or events when you cannot talk about them, so by the time you are 3 – 5 years you have shut down that process. Next to shut down are the psychic ears. When voices are heard which do not belong to anyone in front of you and if you cannot ask about them, you will shut down that process.

What I found as I looked at my early years I could hear people thoughts. I found it very disturbing that people thought differently than what they were saying, so it did not take long for me to shut down that process. I have never opened that ability up to the same extent. In fact as I tell people today when they think because I am a psychic that I can read their minds that I have enough to look at in my own mind, why would I want to read theirs. Unfortunately, many people who do have their psychic ears open only hear lower vibrations and it is disturbing, rather than higher vibrations where you can receive inspiration and spiritual support.

I personally did not realize that my own inspiration and inner spiritual support was coming through my psychic ears until I began to examine the many systems. I was not aware for instance that we had a psychic nose until I became aware one of my secretaries constantly referred to her nose as we looked over contracts by saying “this smells right”, “this does not smell right” or “this smells fishy, check it out”. As I reflected on this, it made sense to me if we had a psychic eye and psychic ears, then why not a psychic nose. I went inside and checked with my systems and sure enough, I discovered the psychic nose.

Once I knew that we had a psychic nose it was only a matter of contemplating about all the senses that I thought surely we would have a psychic mouth. I once again checked with my inner systems and there it was, a psychic mouth. These two abilities to smell and taste just have never been explored to the depth that they could be. I also had an interesting discussion with a cousin who trained people in banks. She had an incredible undiagnosed psychic nose. She could smell if something was not right with the person in front of her. Therefore she had a high rate of catching frauds. It was thought she could train others to do the same and she was very frustrated because it was not happening. I was able to share with her that because she had a strong psychic nose, her trainees would have other abilities more developed, it could be their eyes, ears, mouth and most likely it would be their feelings.

The psychic feeling aspect which is known as intuition, hunches or clairsensory is a very large system. It is very difficult to shut down this whole system because it involves the chakra system which is throughout the whole body. The chakra system is mostly known as the vortex system ranging from the base of the spine to the top of the head. To shut this system down you would more than likely not be alive. Therefore most of us have some of our intuitive therefore psychic feeling aspect working. Now whether we listen to what our senses are telling us or not will depend on the individual. Some people listen more than others.

When I’m working with people to open up their natural psychic abilities, most people believe they come and do a lot of exercises. Not with me. What I do is explain how the different systems work. For instance the eye system is quite complicated. You have your third eye, which is your brow chakra. You also have a screen or screens where information is reflected on and you have an inner eye which sees it. The inner eye, ear, nose and mouth is another aspect I have discovered which is not commonly understood either. Therefore in the psychic eye system you have, physical, psychic and inner eyes. What makes the eye system so fascinating are the screens. You may have one or many of these screens, they can be placed anywhere, inside or outside of you.

What I discovered is that most people who cannot see psychically, usually have fear on their screens. Therefore, in order to develop your clairvoyance and see psychically, the screens need to be cleared of all fear. What is most common is that in past lives you have seen situations which you did not like and chose not to see any more. I have found in my core belief energy releasing work that constantly the scenes of war and the horror of man’s inhumanity to man comes up within the psychic eye and screens. People are just overwhelmed by it all and chose not to look or see again. Unfortunately the energy is trapped and needs to be released or else you do not see until it is. In this life, when you are ready to begin to develop your psychic abilities all these past live memories need to be released so that you can begin to see, hear, smell or taste when you choose to.

For some reason people think that psychics are open and reading everyone they met all the time. As I tell my students, “you are learning to be a trained psychic. You do not go around everyday reading everything and anything which is around you. You decide when you want to utilize your psychic power and which modality you want to work with.” For all the students I have trained some have gone on to become professional psychics, most though have utilized their knowledge for their own enhancement. They know they have their own psychic power to utilize. They know how it works and they know when to use it and when not to bother.

Another way I have explaining the difference between trained and untrained is this “if you have a stream running down the mountain side it looks very pretty, but has no power. Take that stream, dam it and you can make electricity and have all the power you want.” Developing your psychic power is the same. It may not be as pretty, or as sensational, but it will work for you when you want it to. As far as I’m concerned this natural ability we are born with needs to be opened and brought into alignment with your life. That means clearing all the psychic systems.

The psychic systems, whether it be eyes, ears, nose, mouth or feelings are an integral part of us. Whether we choose to open these systems up and utilize them is our choice. Once you do release the blocked energy, then you will discover how much easier situations in life become.


I have found when working with the Core Belief Energy Releasing and I’ve looked at where blocks are being held to what you create, that the psychic systems will often hold blocks. This is because of the different scenes we have encountered which we hold onto. It is amazing how much we hold onto and take with us life time after life time. It is through the consciousness of the now that we are able to release these blocks and open ourselves up to more and more consciousness. Clearing these blocks is important. It amazes me consistently as I work with many people, just how many blocks we have from the many lifetimes we have encountered. The psychic systems are just one system, but it is one we do use most of the time even if we do not know it.

New Zealand & Australia - Tarot

Come June 6th I will be flying down under to New Zealand to visit family and then over to Australia to speak at the Tarot Conference in Melbourne and then journeying to Sydney with two other presenters to do a lecture and be available for readings. I will be returning home to Canada mid July.

The Australian Tarot Conference is being held July 1 – 6 in Melbourne. For more information on Melbourne you can visit or Sydney

New Tarot Book

I am also happy to say I have finally completed my new Tarot book

Pathways of the Tarot. As I write this, copies are being printed to take to Melbourne. If you want a copy, please email me as it is not on the web page yet. The introductory price is $15.95. plus $10. postage/handling and 7% for Canadians. Total cost $28.00

Enjoy the summer, I will be happy to report on the downunder journies upon my return.


Norma Cowie


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firebird said...

i happen to be learning the tarot with my mother. she believes very strongly in what norma cowie has written about the tarot. she will be very pleased to hear about her new book. thanks for posting her very informative article.