Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A "Dark Veil"

Hi Brandi :)

First off, let me say - what a great site. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge. A couple of questions have been nagging at me for a while, so perhaps you can help me out...

Firstly, for quite a while now, I have felt as if things just..."aren't right". I don't know if that makes any sense...but it feels as if a dark veil has been draped over my world/life/etc. I went through a particularly traumatic event about a year and a half ago, which also involved terrible disagreement with a (former) friend - I don't think anyone else has acted with such anger towards me in my whole life. As I said, ever since then, I've just felt as if things just...aren't quite right. The shine and magic of life seems to be lacking, and things in my life just seem to be...deteriorating (I think that's the best word for it). I don't feel like myself. This feeling ebbs and flows, but it's pretty much always there. I am wondering if it's possible for some kind of bad spirit or energy to be following me around? Does this kind of thing happen? And if so, what exactly can I do to free myself from it?

Also, my paternal grandfather passed away when I was four. He was staying over at our house at the time. Every now and then I feel little chills when I'm in the room he passed in (the living room) and I'm just "aware" of something else. If I'm sitting down, I often find myself looking up, as if there's someone standing close by. If it is my grandfather, is there any way I can open up communication with him? We were incredibly close, despite my age when he passed, and I do miss him.

Finally, my mother appears to have some significant psychic/seeing abilities. She often gets messages from people who have passed on, but is always very secretive about such messages. I don't know if she really is reluctant to share something that is private to her, or ifshe thinks that I will react with skepticism and disbelief. I just want my mum to know that I trust her abilities and am interested in any encounters she might have. Is there any way I might get be able toget her to willingly open up to me a bit more?

Thanks for your time :)


Dear Rebecca,

G'day! Thanks for writing. Firstly, about that "dark veil" feeling, I have noticed that a lot of sensitives and psychics are feeling that way right now (and would welcome comments from more of you about this). I think we are reacting to a number of things, the legacy of 9/11, and the fears that many people have about 2012*. If you just feel a "free floating anxiety" that is not related to your own life through visions, dreams or specific fears, then this global malaise is likely the cause.

I relate to your feelings about your friend, though. I had a similar experience not long ago, though without the "psychic hangover", thankfully. In your case, it is remotely possible that there continues to be a "cord" or psychic connection between the two of you, or that there is a "psychic attack" happening. Just remember, 99.99999% of the time, the other party has no idea they are doing this. They can simply harbor strong negative feelings towards you, and if you are still holding onto your own feelings, a "feedback loop" happens that can lead to the sensations you described.

Whether this is a deliberate attack, some kind of "cording" or simply what I call "global malaise", the advice is the same. First, and this is not just a "disclaimer" … talk to your doctor to rule out any chemical or clinical depression. Tell them about your feelings. If you are not certain how they might react to your suspicions of psychic attack, then simply describe how you feel, without mentioning your psychic concerns or experiences.

If your doctor says you are not depressed, just "under stress", and the feeling continues for more than a week or two, then you may reasonably conclude that the problem is primarily spiritual or psychic. In the meantime though, you should take some psychic steps as well.
Second, on a daily basis, take a few minutes each morning and evening to meditate or "center" yourself. There is a "Rainbow Lotus" meditation in my book, or you can choose one by doing a search on the Internet. Third, do the "uncording" exercise. Imagine that any cords connecting you and your friend are broken or untied. Forth, and most important … forgive your friend. Visualize them as you remember them in happy times, and surround them with love. Tell them (in your mind) "I love you and I accept you, even when I don't understand you". If you find this too challenging, I recommend Ross Quinn’s book Controlling Others for Love and Profit. I went though the same kind of experience you did, and instead of feeling tired and drained, I felt empowered, because I chose to forgive. I don’t know that I could have done this if it were not for what I learned from Mr. Quinn.

As for your grandfather, very likely it is him who is trying to reach you. How can you communicate with him better? The more time you give yourself to meditate, the more open to communication you will become. Keep a journal. Write down any impression or feeling, no matter how strange. Pay attention to your feelings.

With your mother … that is simple. Just talk to her. Tell her what you told me. Then listen to what she has to say. She may say what you want to hear … or she may say she doesn’t want to talk about it. Either way, accept her wishes. If she is closed to you now, pushing her won’t help, it could even make things worse. But if you open the topic, and show her that you respect her boundaries, she may eventually feel enough trust to open up to you.


*What is "2012"?

2012 is the last year in the Mayan Calendar. Many psychics and mystics believe that its sudden end foretells the end of the world. The past few months, many psychics have come out of the woodwork, making fearful predictions about the end of the world, saying that we are now in the "end times". I don't believe the world will end in 2012. Such negative apocalyptic "prophecies" are irresponsible in my opinion, even when the psychics making them sincerely believe in their visions. If there is any truth to them, and there is nothing we can do to change them, what is the point in making people fearful? To what cause? If they are not true, they are contributing to a culture of fear and dread that is (in my opinion) eating us up from within as a culture. They are literally creating this "dark cloud" so many sensitives have mentioned recently.

In my experience with other psychics, whenever they have such awful visions, the chances are good that they are interpreting personal symbolic visions too literally as global events. I remember one dear soul who was continually telling me that Vancouver was going to have an awful earthquake or drop into the ocean … always in three months time. Inevitably, she and her dysfunctional family would have another horrible, violent crisis at that time … but Vancouver stubbornly refused to drop into the Pacific. I have not spoken to her in years, but I have little doubt that she still clings to that awful vision. It is easier than to face the reality of her life’s miseries.

Right now, the global fears over terrorism and the media culture of negativity are feeding into a dark spiraling vortex of energy that seems to be growing. More fearful predictions are made daily. To those who believe them, or who feel the growing cloud affecting them, I suggest a counter-attack. An international psychic Love-Bombing. Every time you feel this energy, bless it, and yourself, and say "I love the world and I accept the world, even when I don't understand the world. I am safe, whole and full of joy." Find something, anything, any little thought that brings up love and joy in your heart. Massage that feeling until you strongly feel it in your heart center. Then push that feeling out and into the world. Affirm that it will be used for healing for the highest good of all concerned. Just as I believe this dark cloud was created by human fears, so too do I believe it can be dispelled with love.

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Hi, I have just read your thoughts on sending out positive love vibes and I agree that we should all do this and help change the dark veil feeling that I too can feel. I do feel better when I refuse to tune into it and instead remember really happy times and send happy and loving vibes out.