Thursday, September 04, 2008

How does sister learn about her gifts?

Hi Brandi, I am emailing you hopefully to get some answers about mine and my sisters psychic abilities. My sister is the more gifted one and lately has had several frightening encounters with the most recent one she had the aid of my deceased father helping her fight off a spirit attacking her in her home. She has known about the death of every family member before anyone was notified since she was about 3 years old. Lately the spirits have been more persistent and she has no clue how to communicate back with ones other than my father. If you could help or direct us to someone who can please let me know.

Thanks ... JA

Dear JA

I think I can help, but the first thing I say may sound a little odd at first. If you want these experiences to be less frightening, you and your sister first have to stop being afraid.

I know that sounds like I've got the cart before the horse, but hear me out.

When I first started having my psychic experiences, I was afraid of everything that happened to me. I was raised in a family with no tolerance for anything outside of their rigid belief systems. They weren't a lot of help. Their fearful reactions just drove me deeper into fear-based thinking. And the experiences grew ever more frightening. Like a snowball that goes downhill in a cartoon, growing larger and swallowing everything in its path, my fear grew and grew until I could barely stand to go to sleep at night.

Then one day I had a breakthrough, and I began to accept that what was happening to me wasn't evil. Looked at dispassionately it really wasn't all that scary. It was my own reactions that brought about the fear. There was really nothing inherently scary in anything that I was sensing or seeing. Even when I sensed a death, nothing bad happened to me - and I was often comforted by the presence of spirits during the times of transition. The more I have grown to accept this gift, the less frightening experiences I have attracted.

As for techniques to communicate, it really is just as easy as thinking or visualizing. I hold a picture in my head, and think the words I'd like to say to the spirit. Sometimes I speak them aloud.

I welcome you and your sister to join our discussion group - there are a lot of wonderful people there with similar experiences who are eager to teach, learn and share.

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