Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Please help my daughter

My 12 year old daughter is suffering as she has the vision of those that have not moved on. The spirits are becoming more visible and calling her name. She is afraid she's losing her mind and I know she's not. I dont know how else to help her, someone has to help. She is so confused and frustrated. Please help us.


Mental illness is rare in these cases, but I do normally like to rule out mental illness before I offer spiritual solutions. In this case I doubt that. Just be aware that if the voices are hostile or demand action from her, those aren't likely to spirits. With a child who is already sensitive about her mental state though you don't want to rush her off to the doctor as she's likely to take it the wrong way, such action could be more harmful than helpful. Just assure her that if for one minute you thought she was mentally ill, you would be the first to take her to the doctor, and that there is no shame in that, regardless.

As long as the spirits are simply trying to communicate with her, they are of no harm, tell her to tell them that she is too young and it isn't fair for them to try to communicate with her before she is ready. If they persist, tell her to tell them that they are dead, they have crossed over, and to seek out the light. If they still won't leave, tell them to seek out a funeral home, that eventually a portal will open and they can get to the light from there. Try some protective exercises first - try the White Light Exercise. If she is too uncomfortable with the idea, you can also speak to the spirits for her, even if you don't have the gift. You may not be able to hear them, but they can hear you. I doubt they mean to scare her, most of them are scared and confused themselves.

It's tough being 12 years old and feeling "different" (I should know!), it is hard enough at that age without seeing spirits. The most reassuring thing I can say to her is that everyone feels awkward at her age, and many people see spirits. I would ask her why she feels as though she is losing her mind? Would she think someone else was crazy if they heard or saw such things? Why is that? Then I would just listen. My wager is you find out she's told some friends who have teased her about it, or she's seen some skeptic on television who has put her thinking on that track. I would assure her that plenty of sane people see and talk to spirits all the time.

The more she resists, the more confusing and frustrating this is likely to be for her. The more she accepts it and sees it as no big deal, the easier it will get. Encourage her to seek your ear. Just listen - don't try to "solve" it for her or make it go away. Understand that she's going through a challenging period in her life - show interest, but don't make a big deal about it. The more "normal" you make it sound, the easier it will be for her to relax and feel more comfortable learning about her gift.

Find some stories about famous people who have visited mediums. Princess Diana was very fond of visiting psychics and mediums. Nancy Reagan had her own astrologer. Shirley MacLean is an Academy Award winning actress whose interest in these topics is well known - she's written books about it.

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