Monday, February 27, 2006

Is this dream precognitive?

I had a very vivid dream that something horrible happened to my daughter. I just have this overwhelming sense of grief and loss. I wake up from the dream really upset & scared.

Now in real life my neighbor physically attacked my son in broad daylight. This was several months after I first had the dream. Now I am left wondering if my dream was a premonition of the incident with my son or if he is really going to try to attack my daughter.

A worried mom

It is hard sometimes to tell in advance whether a dream is precognitive or not. Every person has their own time cycles as well as their own level and type of psychic ability. In all but the rarest of cases, they tend to be symbolic rather than literal (transposing one loved one for another is not unusual). So without knowing your pattern, I can't really judge. With me, if my dreams or visions are precognitive, the events they forecast usually take place the next day or even within hours of when I wake up. I know others that it is always 3 days or 4 weeks later ... you can only determine that pattern over time, with a lot of journaling.

My own psychic impression is that it was actually about your son's experience, and you are fearful that it will repeat itself. From everything you told me, you have good reason to be concerned.

The stakes are simply too high to proceed any other way. There is still good reason to assume this man is still a threat. If you were 100% certain that this dream were precognitive, within reason, what would you do to prevent it? Go do those things. Investigate this man's criminal record. Fortify your family against any further interactions with him. Make plans with both children, make sure they know what to do "just in case". Consider placing both your children in some kind of self defense class, like Hapkido. Do anything else that you can to ward off the danger. The dream is only warning you of the dangers that are obvious. Criminals like this very often cannot stop themselves from repeating their offenses.

On the psychic level, I might try something like Love Bombing on a person like this. You meditate on something you love, or just on living intent in general, filling yourself up with positive and loving emotions (in this case, I would not focus on your children for this - you want to bring up non-specific loving feelings). Then, whenever you are ready, you beam them in your mind at the unreasonable person. Affirm that the energy will get where it needs to go. Then release any cords or connections with light and love, and ground yourself (touch the earth or dip your feet in cool water). It may also be a good idea to send gratitude "upstairs" next time you pray, thanking your Higher Power for the continued safety and well being of your loved ones.


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