Friday, August 28, 2009

No More Readings ...

As I currently don't have time to update my blog posts, and I am unable to fix a persistent login problem at Blogger/Google and as I have recently discovered the joys of Wordpress ... :-) ... I will be closing this blog and eventually will move it onto my own site at I appreciate the kind and thoughtful comments many of you have shared, and I hope you will look me up on, and on Facebook ( and ).

I've decided to suspend the readings I've been doing on my blogs ( and My reasons are largely personal - I'm too busy with too many irons in the fire right now. I'll leave these blogs up though, and you can follow me at the following Twitter pages:


You can also find me at these web sites: - - -


Meliza said...

Sorry about the suspend the readings, I recently know about your blog and seems fantastic. But for other part s great you are busy tha means you have a good life. Thanks I hope you change of mind about the psychic readings

Brandi Jasmine said...

The more I learn in my ongoing study of intuition and psychic ability, the more I have come to feel that the primary value in psychic readings is truly for entertainment only. I'd say about 99% of the clients I worked with never changed their lives or got over their baggage because of anything I said or did in that context. There are a number of things I have learned and studied in what I'd call the "personal growth movment", especially the LifeStream/LifeResults Classes, James Roswell Quinns books and classes, "The Power of Now" by Ekhardt Tolle, the lectures and books of Caroline Myss ... all these things have been far, FAR more powerful in my life than psychic readings.

Don't get me wrong. I still do the odd one here or there, I still have the odd reading myself (I can recommend some terrific psychics and astrologers to anyone who is looking for a great reading). But I have much less interest in "What will happen in my future" and far more interest in "How can I make my life better, happier, more effective right now." Few people seeking free readings online are truly thinking in that way, honestly. That's why I don't do them anymore.