Monday, October 16, 2006

Am I psychic?

I had a previous psychic tell me that I had abilities, I sometimes feel certain things and know stuff about people. How do I tap into this ability and make it stronger? Or am I even psychic? My older sister has the ability to see spirits and apparently so did my father. Appreciate your response. Thanks!


It is not unusual for psychic ability to run in families. In fact it is common. I would talk to your other family members to compare experiences, if they are open to it.

As for improving your psychic abilities, the two most important tools I recommend are journal-keeping and daily meditation. The Oracle at Delphi said "Know Thyself" and this was universal wisdom. 90% of being a good psychic is getting out of your own way, letting go of the need to "perform", and just letting the wisdom flow through you.

Just keep writing down your experiences over the next little while. Then, as you confirm them, keep track of your "hits" and "misses". That will show you where your blind spots and natural affinities are. You may find your abilities work much like your sister's or dads ... but maybe not. Everyone has their own preferences that have as much to do with personality as they do with talent.

Another thing that is important, do learn how to ground, how to do the White Light Exercise ... learning psychic protection first and foremost is vital to your path to becoming a better psychic. Good luck!


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