Sunday, October 17, 2004

Ghost Story from a Reader

Letter from a reader ...

Dear Brandi, 

A ghost story? What a coincidence!

I just last night had an experience. Once again I was having one of those nights where I could not sleep. When this happens to me, I sort of roam the house checking locks on the doors and windows or some other activity, and usually I will have a small snack and a drink also. Then I might go onto the computer or even sit on the couch and read a book, what ever I do, it is an effort to calm my mind. As of lately my mind has been in need of a lot of calming down … thus I have not been sleeping well. This night I mainly just walked around the house looking out of the windows into the darkness and onto the lights. Not really looking though. What was very strange was as I walked through the house, I constantly kept feeling this cold chill brush my body. 

I made my way down the stairs, into the living room, through the kitchen, down into the study, and once again back up stairs where I walked into the bathroom. In my bathroom we have a huge window that oversees much of the neighborhood and a lot of the lights cast shadows around the trees. I also live in a semi-rural area where there are a lot of pine trees. I looked out into the night and the moon lit up the cloudy night as the lights from the houses made small area of the darkness visible. 

I stood there trying to ignore the cold chills that were starting to touch me more and more. I looked out of the window thinking I am psyching myself out. I at first looked ‘out’ of the glass as I tried to not think about the possibilities of the cold chills. The chills were persistent. Then a great chill came over me and made my entire body tighten and then tremble. I started to feel a little frightened at this moment. Then I told myself: “If I was going to get hurt, I probably would have been hurt already.” At this point the chills were racing over me making my hairs stand on end over my entire body. I had seen pictures of people in books and on the Internet looking into windows and in the reflection seeing figure standing by them or behind them. I tried hard to fight the temptation to look at the glass to see my reflection. I stole a quick glance and to my relief, I was alone in the window. The chilling wisps were still with me though. I quickly looked away just in case something might ‘pop’ up… and I did not want to see something scary looking. 

I had to admit to myself that I was definitely 'not alone' or I was completely fooling myself into thinking the cold chills were something other than my own thoughts playing tricks on me. I began to feel sleepy once more so I turned and made my way toward the door to leave. Just before exiting, I chanced to look into the mirror using my peripheral vision. In the mirror was a reflection of the window, in the window was a reflection of the mirror; and in that reflection was a gray misty image/shape of a human leaning forward and shadowing me out of the bathroom. 

I quickened my pace and leapt for the bed. Where I quickly snuggled under the covers and kept my eyes closed. Amazingly, I fell fast asleep and through out the day had nearly forgetting the incident until I decided to frequent your site once more. 

Your Friend,


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